City of Winters to establish new regulations

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The City of Winters Planning Commission will be setting up regulations of the temporary rental of private homes and/or property. Over the past few years, approximately a dozen different homeowners within the City of Winters have opted to host guests in their private homes or on their private property. Reasons of doing so vary, but some examples are for an extra source of income, shared interests in traveling to unique locations, enjoyment of hosting and the desire to meet new people. Since 2009, various websites have been established to facilitate rentals and in return acquire a profit. Accommodations can range from a single bedroom and bathroom, to whole homes all over the world. Many travelers seek the private and unique setting as well as the option to decrease the cost for a place to stay. Many cities, counties and other municipalities have legal restrictions on short-term rentals. These vary from place to place. Some legal restrictions include, but are not limited to, business permits, a set number of days in which participants can rent property per year, where the home is located and how the property is zoned. Current regulations and laws have been set up by the county or by city governing bodies throughout the world. Some nationwide cities that have established additional laws and regulations pertaining to this new trend are Isle of Palms, SC; Maui, Hawaii; New York City and New Orleans. In California  Palm Desert, St. Helena, and San Francisco have established regulations as well. San Luis Obispo has set up regulations for all cities within its borders. The websites designed to facilitate these kinds of accommodations encourage hosts to be safe, mindful of neighbors, abide by all city or county regulations and obtain appropriate permits. Currently the City of Winters does not have specific rules or regulations about renting out private property. There are no required permits, additional fees or taxes on renting out private property. However, they are working on such items. The City of Winters wants to insure guests and neighbors of such entities to have a positive impact for all from their stay to our community. All city residents and business owners are encouraged to attend the City Planning Commission meetings regarding this topic every fourth Tuesday of the month to create well-rounded guidelines for these types of entities.]]>

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