Wanted felon arrested after seven-hour manhunt

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A man who led authorities on a day-long manhunt that briefly shutdown Waggoner Elementary School and put the Winters community on high alert was arrested Friday, June 19.

Carlos Juarez III, 39, wanted for violation of parole associated with a stolen vehicle charge, was arrested nearly seven hours after he was approached by contacted by police at 8:22 a.m. Friday on Grant Avenue south of Main Street. After evading police tasers, Juarez hid in backyards while the Winters Police Department and the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office conducted a joint search.

Winters Police Chief John Miller said a local resident’s tip that Juarez was seen outside Anytime Fitness led police to once again pursue Juarez, who was finally detained around 3 p.m. near Second Street and Main Street. Authorities did not reveal the identity of the caller, but Miller said he or she had recognized Juarez from social media posts. Miller praised the caller and the community at large for being engaged in community safety.

“A big thanks to our community for staying vigilant and giving us a callthey definitely assisted us, given our limited resources,” Miller said. “They’re the eyes and ears of this community.”

Miller also praised arresting officer Corporal Gordon Brown, the officer who initiated contact with Juarez Friday morning and ultimately arrested him in the afternoon. Cpl. Brown recognized Juarez while on his way to assist the California Highway Patrol in a traffic hazard caused by downed hot-air balloons.

Although Juarez escaped Cpl. Brown’s initial pursuit, during which Cpl. Brown’s taser missed the suspect in the chaos of the chase, Juarez was not so lucky later that afternoon. Cpl. Brown once again led the chase for Juarez, this time connecting with his taser and arresting the suspect.

During the search, Waggoner Elementary School, which hosts the city-run Munchkin Summer Camp, was briefly shut down when Juarez hopped a fence and ran onto campus.

According to After School Coordinator Nicole Jordan Halley, a child enrolled in the program witnessed this and told staff, who approached Juarez before barricading students in the cafeteria.

A camper reported seeing Juarez discard a plastic bag near one of the restrooms, however, police reported finding no contraband after responding. Staff members turned parents away in the parking lot and stayed on lockdown until around 10 a.m. The camp was not cancelled, but children remained inside for the rest of the day.

Juarez has been booked by WPD for resisting arrest and obstruction of justice, in addition to the parole violations that merited his arrest warrant. He was also charged for possession of someone else’s identification card, although authorities have been unable to contact the rightful card-owner and are unsure if it was stolen.

Officers transported the suspect to Yolo County Jail Friday evening.]]>

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