Winters JUSD School Board: June 6, 2019 Meeting Agenda

The following items are on the Winters Joint Unified School District School Board agenda for a meeting scheduled on June 6, 2019.
Photo by Crystal Apilado/Winters Express

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PUBLIC HEARING 1. The Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing on the District’s Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). 2. The Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing for the proposed budgets for the 2019/2020 school year for the following funds: General Fund, Child Development, Cafeteria, Bond, Capital Facilities, Redevelopment Agency and Health & Safety Code, Bond Interest and Redemption, and Special Reserve. 3. The Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing regarding Excess Reserves in Proposed 2019/20 Budget. 4. The Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing on setting forth findings required by Government Code section 4217.12 regarding anticipated energy cost savings and other benefits from entering into an energy service contract for the design, procurement and installation of energy efficient lighting, HVAC, windows, and power management controls and automation at certain district sites designated therein. COMMUNICATIONS/REPORTS 1. Employee Organizations 2. Board Members’ Reports 3. Superintendent’s Report 4. Public Input – Members of the Audience May Address the Board (This is the opportunity for members of the public to address items that are not on the Board agenda. A Request to Speak form must be submitted before the first speaker is called. Please state your name when addressing the Board. The Board will not discuss or act on any information due to the guidelines of the Brown Act. Individual(s) addressing the Board will be limited to three minutes per person.) (Board Bylaw 9323) DISCUSSION / ACTION Educational Services 1. Renaissance Reading and Math Data (information) 2. Draft Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) 2017-18 through 2019-2020 (discussion) 3. School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) (information) 4. Conference – Out of State (action) 5. Service Proposal for 2019-2020 from Educational Planning for Improvement (EPI LLC) (action) Personnel Services 6. Approval of Selection of Assistant Principal – Winters High School (action) 7. Approval of Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators (action) 8. Approval of Board Resolution No. 1095-19 – Salaries of Management, Confidential & Other Unrepresented Employees (action) Business Services 9. Annual Energy Unit Savings Agreement/Bundled Energy Solutions Agreement (action) 10. Non-Voter Approved Debt (information) 11. 2019/20 Proposed Budget for the General Fund #1, Child Development Fund #12, Cafeteria Fund #13, Bond Fund #21, Capital Facilities Fund #25, Health & Safety Code/Redevelopment Agency Fund #26, Special Reserve Fund #40, and the Bond Interest & Redemption Fund #51 (information) 12. Balances in Excess of Minimum Reserve Requirements in the Proposed 2019/20 Budget (information) 13. Board Resolution No. 1094-19 for the Estimated 2019/20 Education Protection Account (EPA) Revenues and Accountability Requirements and Approval of Estimated EPA Expenditure Budget (action) Facilities 14. Supporting Award of Lease-Leaseback Agreement for the Winters High School Track Project / Resolution No. 1096-19 (action) 15. Order and Purchase of New Stadium Scoreboard (action) Board/Governance 16. Board Policies: First Reading (information)

  • BP 0420.4 Charter School Authorization
  • BP 1312.1 Complaints Concerning District Employees
  • BP 3511 Energy and Water Management
  • BP 3540 Transportation
  • BP 4119.22 Dress and Grooming -4219.22 -4319.22
  • BP 5131.2 Bullying
  • BP 5132 Dress and Grooming
  • BP 6142.1 Sexual Health and HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction
  • BP 6142.6 Visual and Performing Arts Education
  • BP 6146.1 High School Graduation Requirements
17. CSBA Annual Education Conference (discussion) CONSENT CALENDAR All matters listed under the consent calendar are considered routine and non-controversial, require no discussion and are expected to have unanimous Trustee support and may be enacted by the School Board in one motion in the form listed below. There will be no separate discussion of these items. However, before the School Board votes on the motion to adopt, members of the School Board request that specific items be removed from the Consent Calendar for separate discussion and action. Items(s) removed will be added earlier on the meeting agenda.

1. Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting on May 16, 2019 2. Approval of Minutes of Special Meeting on May 16, 2019 3. Approval of Minutes of Special Meeting on May 23, 2019 4. Approve Personnel as Listed 5. 2019-2020 Designation of League Representative(s), CIF 6. Agreement for Professional Services with Dannis Woliver Kelley (DWK) for 2019-2020 7. RISE Lease Renewal 8. Obsolete and Irreparable Instructional Materials 9. Approval of Bill Warrants

FUTURE AGENDA ITEMS ADJOURN TO CLOSED SESSION 1.The Board of Trustees will meet in closed session regarding public employee performance evaluation pursuant to Govt. Code Section 54957 – District Superintendent. RECONVENE TO OPEN SESSION 1. The Board will reconvene to open session reporting action taken, if any, during closed session. ADJOURNMENT To download the full Winters JUSD School Board agenda packet for this meeting, click or tap here. Those with questions are encouraged to call the Winters JUSD Office at 530-795-6100. Next meeting is Thursday, June 20, 2019 at 6 p.m. in the District Office – Walnut Room.
The Winters Express receives a summary list of Winters JUSD School Board and certain other community meeting agendas regularly by email. The Express provides access to the summary agendas via this news website as a public service, does not review agenda items or associated materials for accuracy prior to meetings and is not responsible for any errors that may be present.]]>

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