Winters JUSD Trustee Area 1 candidates questionnaire

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What do you think your role is as a Trustee at Winters JUSD?

Candidate: Ralph Anderson
My role as a Trustee has been and always will be to look out for the best interests for the Winters JUSD and how the district’s monies are best spent for the sake of out students and facilities and their safety.

Candidate: Kristin Trott
I feel that a Trustee’s role is to collaborate with the community to guide decisions to improve our schools. I believe that leadership is exemplified not by dictating what should be done, but by listening to ideas from the entire team (teachers, administrators, and families) to create a better plan while keeping true to the underlying goal of ensuring excellence for our children. It is important to me that people feel that they are fairly represented whenever the Board makes a decision.

Is there a particular issue that motivates you to run for a Trustee seat?

Candidate: Ralph Anderson
Issues that motivate me to continue to be an Area 1 Trustee are the pandemic, the distance learning and getting our kids back the classrooms. Our teachers have done a wonderful job at distance learning, keeping everyone safe and working toward the hybrid learning process to return to school safely, full time. Also important is student achievement (grades) and we are seeing improvements thanks to the staff and teachers efforts with the three year plan at our school sites.

Candidate: Kristin Trott
As a mother of three school-aged children (preschool, Waggoner, and Rominger), I am passionate about the excellence and inclusivity of our schools for all children in Winters JUSD. I was motivated to run for a Trustee seat because I want to play an active role in improving the education in Winters for both my children and those of the entire community. I recognize and embrace the breadth of diversity in our community and commit to providing a safe, inclusive environment for all of our children to thrive.

What differentiates you from other candidates? What will you bring to the table?

Candidate: Ralph Anderson
What sets me apart from some of the other candidates is that I’m a Winters native (born and raised) and went through our school system, and graduated along with my three kinds and step daughter. So I have a very vested interest for our kids to improve through better facilities and technology to be at a first rate level in our region and attract the best possible staff and teachers.

Candidate: Kristin Trott
I am a practicing emergency veterinarian and also have a PhD in the immunologic responses to infectious diseases. This background will provide facts and explanations to help guide best practices to keep our students and staff safe during the current pandemic. Our children deserve a quality education and I aim to ensure that a return to school is done in a safe, organized manner. 

What main issue do you believe our district needs to address?

Candidate: Ralph Anderson
Some main issues we need to continue to work on, in addition to the pandemic, I mentioned are listening to the needs of our English learners and special needs students through parents, teachers and staff to help all of our students to be successful and college and career ready.

Candidate: Kristin Trott
I believe that our district needs to increase inclusivity within schools while also providing targeted learning environments for individual needs. We should evaluate the efficacy of our curriculum for children with special needs and English language learners. Additionally, we should provide additional opportunities for high achievers throughout grade levels to help students reach their potential and encourage parents to have their children attend Winters JUSD schools.

What is your vision for education in our students?

Candidate: Ralph Anderson
My vision is for all our students to graduate and be motivated to go forth and make the world a better place.

Candidate: Kristin Trott
I hope that our schools can be a place where children can explore their interests, feel safe and happy, and gain a love of learning. I will work to ensure that all of our students receive an excellent, inclusive, and broad education to pursue their dreams and succeed in the modern world.

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