Winters JUSD Trustee Area 3 candidates questionnaire

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What do you think your role is as a Trustee at Winters JUSD?

Candidate: Stephanie Chávez
Creating/Changing policies in the district to help all students achieve.

Candidate: Joedy Michael
I believe the role of all trustees in the Winters JUSD is to help chart a path for the continued success of our schools. Supporting our staff, making informed decisions, and elevating our education system should be constant priorities among the board.

Is there a particular issue that motivates you to run for a Trustee seat?

Candidate: Stephanie Chávez
As an English learner going through the district myself it is definitely something I want to improve. I want to share my perspective and make sure we touch on all students’ achievements no matter what level they may be at. I want to see this district improve not only for my daughter but future students of this community.

Candidate: Joedy Michael
As a district we have had quite a few challenges this past year that have shown me that we need more leadership on the board. We need people who bring skill sets that will bring people together and remain focused on making our education system better.

What differentiates you from other candidates? What will you bring to the table?

Candidate: Stephanie Chávez
I think I bring my perspective and experience as an alumni of this district. I was also born and raised here in Winters so I am very invested in this community. Education has evolved so much as well as technology and I have gone through those changes myself. I feel my perspective can bring a great change.

Candidate: Joedy Michael
It’s time for a change and to instill in the community trust in the board’s leadership. In my personal life and professional career I have shown the ability to serve people and work towards common goals, maintain fiscal responsibility and stay focused on the priorities of the organization and the people.

What main issue do you believe our district needs to address?

Candidate: Stephanie Chávez
I believe it is student achievement. Making sure each student has equal access to the same education no matter their background or economic status. Besides giving all students equal education making sure they all have equity as well so no matter what level they are on they can all reach the same goal.

Candidate: Joedy Michael
Getting our children back to school safely is the district’s most pressing immediate concern. Staff, students and families need to feel safe. We need to follow guidance while having clear communication about how the guidance and reopening plans will affect people. We also need to include more stakeholders to ensure our plans are safe and include more perspectives.

What is your vision for education in our students?

Candidate: Stephanie Chávez
To see all students be prepared for their adult life. If it’s a career or college–any decision a student makes in their life after leaving this District–that they have the doors available for them.

Candidate: Joedy Michael
My vision for students is that all children have access, the resources and the structure in our school district to reach their full potential and become college and career ready.

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