Local murder suspect: ‘I’m just a witness that didn’t call the police’

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WOODLAND — Chandale Shannon says he never killed anyone, let alone his friends Enrique Rios and Elijah Moore.

“I’m just a witness that didn’t call the police,” a tearful Shannon, 21, said during a lengthy interview Monday morning at the Yolo County Jail, where he’s being held on charges of murder and conspiracy. “I’m not a murderer.”

Shannon said he witnessed Rios’ homicide and was told about Moore’s, both killings he claimed were carried out by David Froste, whose brother Jonathan Froste also has been arrested in connection with the case along with a third suspect, Jesus Campos.

Both Jonathan Froste and Campos declined interview requests from The Davis Enterprise. David Froste is serving prison time for domestic violence and drug manufacturing.

According to Shannon, David Froste was robbed of $300 worth of marijuana by Moore back in October 2016.

“He was so mad at me,” said Shannon, who had referred Moore to Froste for the purchase and saw the robbery happen. “He told me I was going to help find him. We drove around all night looking for the guy and couldn’t find him.”

Froste then hatched another plan — to get Rios to meet up with Moore so that Froste could get revenge for the robbery. Shannon said Froste used his cell phone to contact Rios drove his car to Esparto to pick up the teen.

But when Rios refused to set up Moore, Froste fatally shot him near the Sacramento River in Knights Landing, a killing that Shannon said he and Campos witnessed from inside Shannon’s car.

Afterward, Froste “showed me his gun and he told me I better not tell anybody,” Shannon said. “The only reason I didn’t call the police is because David had threatened me.”

He added that he eventually came clean after Froste’s arrest several months later in the drug-manufacturing case, because at that point he felt safe.

Shannon said Campos had no part in Rios’ killing other than being in the car during the fatal shooting. He also was present along with Jonathan Froste when David Froste allegedly abducted Moore several weeks later, according to Shannon.

According to Shannon, David Froste admitted to confronting Moore with a pair of scissors, taking his money, ordering him to remove his clothing and forcing him into the trunk of his car.

“He took him somewhere else, somewhere in Knights Landing,” Shannon said. “He described it as ‘the cuts‘ — the back roads, an area no one else knows about.”

Asked if that was where Moore was killed, Shannon covered his face with his hands and whispered, “Yes.” He says he doesn’t know how he died.

Moore, who was last seen on Nov. 4, 2016, while cashing a check on Main Street in Woodland, hasn’t been heard from since.

Shannon said he wishes he had called the police sooner.

“I know it was the right thing to do, but I didn’t have the courage,” Shannon said. He added that he never thought he’d be arrested for murder after police promised to help him in exchange for the truth.

Authorities have claimed that the suspects in the case used the teens’ cell phones to send text messages leading their families and investigators to believe they had left town but were still alive.

Read the complete story in Wednesday’s Enterprise.

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