Winters police apprehend driver after multiple hit-and-runs in DUI incident

Multiple vehicles were damaged in a hit-and-run incident early on Sunday morning. (Express graphic/Erika Ceja)

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Residents near the intersection of Kennedy and Valley Oak Drives were awakened early Sunday morning as multiple vehicles were damaged by a hit and run driver.

The wrecking-spree started in Dixon when Dixon resident and suspect Armando Lizarraga, Jr., 57, allegedly drove a 2008 Dodge Ram truck into a structure and concrete wall. As a result, a side mirror and the truck’s front license plate were dislodged and remained at the scene.

At 3:08 a.m., Lizarraga is alleged to have run a stop sign at the intersection of Kennedy and Valley Oak before hitting two parked cars and pushing them into a garage.

Neighbors were awakened by the disturbance and multiple 911 calls were made.

Resident Erika Ceja and her family were awakened and went outside their commotion was all about. They heard an engine loudly revving but could not see where the sound was coming from. Ceja heard neighbors yelling and called 911.

Lizarraga attempted to depart the scene after losing a tire and a block later hit two more parked cars near the intersection of Columbia Way and Valley Oak Drive Ceja said.

Lizarraga then attempted to leave the scene on foot.

Ceja looked down the street and observed the male running toward her house. He ran between cars in her driveway toward her front door. Ceja’s 22-year-old son, Anthony was home from college and standing at the opposite side of the driveway.

As the suspect started running away from the house, Anthony, a wrestler, grabbed the suspect and wrestled him to the ground. Anthony made a citizen’s arrest and held the suspect down until police arrived a couple of minutes later.

According to Winters Police Chief John P. Miller, Officer Darion Cueto was on scene within two-and-one-half minutes from the call for service.

Miller noted that Dixon and Winters PD confirmed that the truck’s front license plate left at the accident site in Dixon matched the rear license plate of Lizarraga’s 2008 Ram truck.

Lizarraga was arrested, charged with a DUI and hit-and-run and transported to Kaiser Hospital in Vacaville for undisclosed treatment.

Individuals who may have information regarding the incidient are encouraged to contact Winters PD by email at or to call the non-emergency, dispatch line at 530-795-4561.

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