Winters Police Department releases internal statistics on thefts, burglaries and stolen vehicles

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The Winters Police Department compiled statistics on the local events of theft, burglary and stolen vehicles from January this year to the end of May. These numbers came from a total of 45 reported case. The data showed that 51 percent of the cases involved unsecured/unlocked items. A slight majority occurred during the evening hours (51 percent). Most cases occurred in residential areas during a weekday. Sixty percent of cases happened in residential areas, and 73 percent of those happened on a weekday. Out of the days of the week, Wednesday was the most likely day for one of these crimes to occur, with 26 percent of thefts, burglaries and car thefts happening on that day. The Winters Police Department recommends protecting personal property by locking doors, windows, gates and vehicles. They also suggest the residents consider installing a home security system or security cameras.]]>

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