Yolo County District Attorney’s Office Launches new Spanish Language Services

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The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office recently launched their new Spanish language services program in an effort to better communicate with the Spanish speaking population in Yolo County.  Over 30 percent of Yolo County residents are Spanish speaking and about 20 percent of the population speaks only Spanish. It is important that this community feels included. With such a large percent of the population being Spanish speakers, it is crucial for the public to hear and understand the services offered by the DA’s Office in their native language.

The DA’s office is now communicating with Spanish speakers in more ways than ever in an effort to connect with those in the community. First, a Spanish language website was launched (https://fiscaliadeyolo.org) which was written by Spanish speaking staff within the District Attorney’s Office and not simply a “Google Translation” of the English website. This is the first stand-alone website dedicated to Spanish speakers for a District Attorney’s office in California. Next, the DA’s office created an email inbox exclusively in Spanish. Through the designated email (info@fiscaliadeyolo.org), Spanish speakers can ask questions, make inquiries, and file complaints. There is also a dedicated phone line (530-406-4525) which is managed by Spanish speaking staff. For those with mobile devices, there is a new text and “WhatsApp” line (530-908-1579). Lastly, the DA’s office created a new Spanish language Facebook account (@FiscaliadeYolo – Fiscalía del Condado de Yolo) where the community can follow and receive regular updates on victim services, crime and fraud prevention, child abduction, U-visas, and other services.

Yolo County Victim Services Program Manager Laura Valdes who has been serving victims of crime in both English and Spanish for 18 years at the office said, “The Spanish speaking population in Yolo County is a very important component of our community. They contribute to the configuration of what Yolo County stands for. The District Attorney’s office values their presence and wants to hear from our Spanish speaking community. We are proud to not only give this service but also benefit from its importance”.

District Attorney Jeff Reisig stressed the importance of this of this new effort.  “We will not allow language to be a barrier to our community members knowing and understanding ongoing issues and the services my office offers,” said Reisig.  “I am very excited that my staff is working on ways to be more inclusive – this is what our community expects and deserves.”

In launching this program, District Attorney staff will not be asking individuals about their immigration status.  Nor will staff be asking about immigration status during the investigation and prosecution of a crime or for any other interaction with our office.  That being said, the District Attorney will continue to consider immigration consequences upon the request of defendants or their attorneys.

For more information about this new service or to contact the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office, please call 530-406-4525 or visit https://fiscaliadeyolo.org.


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