Winters All-Star team start two game elimination round

The Winters team played their first game of the elimination round against Davis.

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On Saturday, June 23, the Winters Majors All-Star team played their first game of a two game elimination against Davis.  Winters took the field first and was cheered on by a large crowd of parents, grandparents, friends and Winters Little League baseball fans.  Michael Bratset took the mound first, pitching to catcher Jake Woods. Bratset started the game off strong making all three outs for his team, with two strikeouts and an infield catch.   Woods was first up to bat for Winters. He made the pitcher work and took first base with a walk. Gio Jimenez was next up to bat, striking out at the plate. Julian Herrera, determined to get on base, got a hold of the ball with a hard hit past Davis’ second baseman. Wood’s was tagged out on second, but Herrera made it safely to first. Davis’ pitcher was looking to end the inning with a lead, striking out Bratset and leaving the score at 0-1. Bratset resumed his position pitching to Woods in the second inning and worked together to hold the score. Bratset was on fire, with three strikeouts.  Woods was a brick wall behind home plate. Even with a drop catch on the third strikeout thrown by Bratset, he was able to recover making one of the outs at first.   Jordan Calvert started off the second at bat for Winters, with a hard hit past second baseman putting him safe at first base. Lane Brown stepped up to bat with a slight disadvantage, as Davis called a timeout and switched the pitcher. Brown battled at the plate, looking to make the first home run of the All-Star game but was struck out.  Davis’ pitcher walked Luis Lara, who was followed by Patrick Bratset who hit directly down the third base line, bringing Calvert across home plate. After a walk for Jesse Madsen, the bases were loaded, putting a lot of pressure on Woods to make contact. Woods hit an in-field fly for an automatic out and Davis pitcher ended the inning striking out Jimenez and leaving the score tied 1-1.  Winters defense worked hard and was making plays in the third inning but Davis always seemed to be a couple steps ahead of the ball. Bratset continued to pull his weight at the mound, pitching another great inning. Woods threw two outs to Dylan Neal at first, with two dropped third strikes from Bratset. Davis was able to put three more runs on the board before Patrick Bratset made the third out for Winters.  The third at bat didn’t go as planned for Winters. Both Bratset and Calvert made it on base but Davis shut the inning down with two strikeouts and a play at first.  Davis was still leading the game going into the fourth inning. Bratset was still at the mound pitching to Julian Herrera. Patrick Bratset made the first and second out at third base, catching both pop flies that were hit his way. With two outs and Davis runners on the bases, Calvert took over pitching for Bratset who threw just under 90 pitches. Calvert was throwing strikes and Davis took this as an opportunity to put some runs on the board. Herrera made the third out with a throw to Neal at first base, as a result of a dropped third strike.  With a score of 1-7, Winters needed to get some hits to stay in the game. Woods, Zach Rodriguez and Herrera were all on base when Bratset stepped up to bat. Woods, Rodriguez and Herrera were putting pressure on the Davis pitcher, taking every opportunity they had to lead off their base. Woods and Rodriguez dug deep on a failed pick-off and overthrow by Davis in fielders, and successfully put two more runs on the board for Winters. Bratset made a hard hit into the outfield, but was out with a catch in center field.  The fifth inning was bitter-sweet for Winters. Winters defense continued to battle in the fifth inning. Davis took advantage of the perfect pitches that were being thrown by both Calvert and Woods and ended up adding four runs to the board. While Davis continued to get runs in, Winters made some amazing plays in the fifth inning. Bratset and Brown both caught pop flys and Herrera made an amazing play at short, putting himself in front of a Davis ground ball and making an out at first.  “They are switching pitchers again, this is the third time” exclaimed Brown as the Davis coaches attempted to throw him off his game. Davis had been trying to prevent Brown from hitting all day, but Brown finally saw a pitch he liked and sent it straight over the fence, scoring the first home-run of the All-Star series.  Woods and Jimenez both took the mound in the sixth inning and had one final attempt to hold the score. Herrera caught a pop fly at short for the first out of the inning and put his glove in the dirt with a hard throw to Woods at second for the second out.  It wasn’t enough to stop Davis from putting  two more runs on the board before P. Bratset made the third and final out at third base. Winters was able to put one more run on the board during their final turn at bat but ended up losing the game with a final score of 5-13. ]]>

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