Cheer squad embodies One team, One dream

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Outstanding. Amazing. Excellent. Perfect. Stellar. These are a few of the words that were used to describe the halftime show on Friday, Oct. 22.

The Winters High School cheer squad performed, what is argued to be, the best halftime show WHS has yet to produce. While head coach Sterling Davis has been instrumental in choreographing some good halftime shows throughout the years, the performance Friday night exceeded all expectations. The degree of difficulty, length of performance and risky stunts was impossible to ignore, bringing the crowd to their feet and the varsity football team to their knees.

“My heart was so full when the football team came out to watch and support the girls. It was definitely one of the highlights of the night,” said Davis.

The WHS cheer team has progressed immensely since the start of the season by embodying and practicing the motto, “One Team. One Dream.” Individual goals have turned into team goals and the girls have all really pulled together to be successful, learn from each other and improve the overall sportsmanship and athleticism as a whole.

Besides strong teamwork the WHS cheerleaders also demonstrated their immense athletic ability, endurance and skill level. Over the years spectators and Warrior fans have started taking the time to actually watch the halftime show. Being overlooked is a thing of the past. These athletes pour their heart and soul into every performance and proved once again that they deserve as much attention and respect as the football players.

“People went out of their way to compliment the performance, more than ever in the past,” said Davis.

The WHS cheerleaders think about the homecoming performance all year long. It is the biggest performance of the year and hours of preparation and practice go into ensuring that the halftime show is unforgettable, which is probably why the girls were seen pacing the side lines in anticipation for what they had been working toward all season.

“There are so many variables and things that could go wrong in a routine,” said Davis.

Luckily, the nerves leading up to the performance quickly subsided. The crowd cheered as the squad members gathered into their cheer circle on the 50 yard line, preparing themselves for the performance they had been anxiously awaiting all year.

“They performed the hardest and longest routine of the season and totally nailed it,” said Davis.

If a perfectly executed routine wasn’t reason enough to celebrate the enthusiastic applause throughout the routine and standing ovation at the end of the performance left the girls beaming with the pride and confidence they need as they prepare for their competition in November.

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