Juniors battle from the mound, players struggle to bring in runs

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On Saturday, July 9 the Juniors All Star team fell behind early on in the game and couldn’t recover, losing to the Vacaville National team by a score of 3-1.

Lane Brown started on the mound for the Juniors, allowing two hits and two runs over three innings. Brown worked hard for his team, striking out seven and walking only one Vacaville National player. Jake Woods and Aidan Baylor both stepped in as relief pitchers.

While overall the Juniors found it very difficult to make contact behind the plate, Woods continued to battle and went 2-for-3 at the plate leading Winters in hits. Woods took advantage of his base time with five stolen bases, helping his team be in the optimal position for scoring.

Both Winters and Vacaville had teams full of talented players, but it was the defensive errors and an off day behind that plate that ultimately led to Winters defeat.

The Juniors played again on Monday, July 10 and lost by a score of 8-2 to Dixon, taking them out of the series and preventing them from advancing any further.

The Juniors defense struggled to contain the high-powered offense of Dixon, giving up eight runs.

Baylor started off on the mound striking out three, with seven runs on four hits. Baylor pitched a great game, however Winters’ defense had some trouble finding the ball in the field and it cost them the game when they were unable to recover at bat. Woods stepped in as relief and also pitched very well but couldn’t close the gap enough to earn the win for his team.

Brown hit into a fielder’s choice, scoring one run in the first inning. Baylor, Luke Felsen, Carson Alvarado, and Charlie Perry also each managed one hit for the Juniors, but were left stranded on base and unable to earn runs for their team.

It was a disappointing way to end the season for the Winters Junior Allstar team.

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