Little League team wins second All-Stars Tournament

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On Tuesday, June 18, the 50/70 Winters Little League team showed up in Woodland to play their second game of the 2019 All-Stars Tournament against Dixon.   Winters took the field first, with Ben Nelson pitching to Ashton Baylor. Dixon was able to put two runs on the board but Winters quickly put a stop to that. Derick Olson, second baseman, got in front of a Dixon ground ball and made the first out with a precise throw to first baseman Colby Kovach. Nelson ended Dixon’s turn at bat with relentless pitching and two strikeouts. With some ground to make up, Winters stepped up to the plate ready to battle. Dixon didn’t give Winters a lot of opportunities to bat. Isaiah Pazmino was the leadoff batter, followed by Nelson and Baylor who played a smart game and advanced to first as a result of catcher errors. The three players had no fear when it came to stealing bases and ended up scoring three runs for Winters. Going into the second inning, Winters was determined to keep their lead. Dixon hit a hard ball to Buck Boykin, at short, who made the first out at second base. Attempting a double play at first, Boykin hurled the ball to Kovach on first base, but was just beat by the Dixon runner. Pazmino made the second out, catching a Dixon pop fly in center field, holding the Dixon runner at first. Winters was looking for one more out when Boykin got in front of an infield hit, throwing the third out at first.  Dixon came out ready to reciprocate and fought hard to keep Winters from putting more runs on the board. Olson, Pazmino and Baylor all made great hits but couldn’t quite make it across home plate.  A little pep talk in the dugout, lead by coach Rudy Baylor and Mike Kovach, is all Winters needed going into the third inning. It was a quick at bat for Dixon, when the first batter made the mistake of hitting straight to Boykin who made the first out with a throw to first. Second baseman, Olson, kept the bases clear with a second out at first base. Dixon’s next batter thought he had it easy after he took first base on a walk, he attempted to steal second base but was thrown out with a stellar throw from Kovach.  With the score still sitting at 3-2, it was time for Winters to put some more runs on the board. Kovach looked disappointed after getting hit with a pitch, when his teammate Colton Brown reminded him to take advantage of the “easy base.” Brown then stepped up to the plate and hit a nice single putting him on first base and advancing Kovach to second. Dixon pitcher was getting tired walking both Fernando Herrera and Victor Diaz. Kovach made it home off of the walk from Diaz but Brown was thrown out at third after attempting a steal. Herrera was determined to put a point on the board and stole home while Olson was up to bat. Olson had a successful at bat, hitting the pitch right over Dixon’s first baseman for a beautiful single. With two more runs on the board for Winters, Dixon pitcher ended the inning with two strike-outs.  The next two innings were rough for Winters. In the fourth inning, coach Rudy Baylor and Mike Kovach told the boys to “roll it up” after letting two Dixon hits go and putting the third Dixon batter on base with a walk. Bases were loaded, Pazmino ran hard, backing up right field with an out on first. Olson put his glove to the dirt and made the second out at first. Winters finally put an end to Dixon’s turn at bat with throw from Olson to Brown at third base.  Winters was only able to put one run on the board during their next two at bats, while Dixon managed to come from behind and take a four-point lead at the top of the sixth inning. Just when it looked like Dixon was going to pull away with the win, Winters put seven points on the board taking the lead and holding the score with three quick outs in the seventh inning!  After two and a half hours of playing in 100-degree heat, with only nine players, Winters won the game with a final score of 13-10.]]>

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