Minor All-Star team loses tournament game against Vacaville

The Winters Minor All-Star team played their second game in an elimination tournament.
Sydney Andrade/Winters Express

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The Winter’s Minor All-Star team played their first game of a two game elimination tournament, on Sunday, June 23 against Vacaville.  Christopher Rodriguez was first up at bat and showed his team what to expect at the plate. Vacaville’s pitcher was relentless with his pitching. Rodriguez and Aidan Baylor both battled at the plate but were struck out. Everett Beason got hold of the ball and dug deep, but was thrown out at first. It was now Winters’ turn to take the field. Baylor started off pitching to Carson Alvarado, who made sure his team knew where the play was. Derek Green made an awesome catch in right field for the first out of the inning. The second out was made by EJ Cruz, who made the out on first and then attempted a difficult double play at second, just falling a few seconds behind the runner. Rodriguez caught pop fly at second base for the third out, leaving the score tied, 0-0, at the end of the first inning.  The second at bat for Winter’s started out rough with two strikeouts. With two outs already on the board It was up to Cruz to get the game started. Cruz swung hard and found a pocket between second and third base for a solid base hit. After a wild pitch made it past Vacaville’s catcher, Cruz stole second, putting himself in a scoring position and putting pressure on Green to make contact. Green’s base hit gave Cruz the opportunity to cross home plate, putting the first run on the board for Winters. Rodriguez was next up to bat and got a hold of a pitch, hitting a double, and helping Green advance to third base. Vacaville held Green and Rodriguez on their bases, striking out the next batter, leaving them stranded.  Beason took the mound in the second inning, switching places with Baylor, who took the position of shortstop. With two runs on the board for Vacaville, Winters knew they needed to make a play. Baylor made the first out, catching a Vacaville pop fly. Unfortunately, the next batter hit a line drive down the first base line getting two more runs in for Vacaville. Beason took control of the game and pulled out all the stops, striking out the next two Vacaville batters.  The next two innings were hard on Winters. With Vacaville in the lead, Winters was looking to catch up and make some hits. Vacaville pulled off a 1-2-3 inning, retiring Winters’ turn at bat with three straight outs that included one strikeout as well as two infield outs by Vacaville fielders.  “They are beating us on attitude,” yelled one of the Winters players before taking the field. Cole Jordling tried his hand at pitching but was feeling a lot of pressure. With four walks and another Vacaville batter stepping up to the plate, Winters still needed two more outs to end the inning. Jordling made the second out with a throw to Alvarado at home plate. With third base now open, Vacaville attempted to steal but was also thrown out by Jordling.  Winters next at bat wasn’t what they hoped for. Feeling defeated, they were unable to put any runs on the board giving Vacaville another turn at bat. The game ended in the fourth inning with the umpires calling the game, on the account of the 10-run rule.   ]]>

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