Soccer beats Pierce, Colusa

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Men’s varsity
The Winters High School men’s varsity soccer team had two very well-matched games this week.

On Tuesday, Feb. 1, the Warriors won their away conference game against Pierce High School by a score of 1-0.

Pierce had a very strong defense but Javier Bermudez scored a beautiful goal off an assist from sophomore Luis Lara. While Bermudez gave the Warriors the upper hand, it was up to the Warrior defense to maintain their lead.

Esai Garcia and Christian Hernandez lead the Warriors defensively with six steals each, followed closely by Atanacio Garcia and Pedro Garcia who had five. While the Warriors defensive line worked hard at keeping Pierce from scoring, Jancarlo Torres still had to work hard in the goal. Torres stood his ground for the full 80 minutes of playtime and made six saves, resulting in a shutout.

The varsity team played again on Thursday, Feb. 3, and won their away conference game against Colusa High School by another close score of 1-0.

Sebastian Rodriguez, a freshman, scored the only goal for the Warriors off an assist from Pedro. Noel Gutierrez and Ricardo Del Toro also played great offensive games, gaining and maintaining possession of the ball several times throughout the game and putting a lot of pressure on Colusa’s defense and goalkeeper.

Jacob Baker played an extremely aggressive game with four steals, followed closely by Erick Rodarte and Jorge Guzman who each made three steals.

The Warriors fought to maintain their advantage, Guillermo Valadez and Torres split time in goal and both made some very impressive saves. Valadez made three saves and Torres made one.

The varsity men’s soccer team will also play at the Shirley Rominger Intermediate School field on Thursday, Feb 10 at 3:15 p.m.

Women’s varsity
Eleven seems to be a lucky number for the WHS varsity women’s soccer team. On Tuesday, Feb. 2, the ladies won their away conference game against Pierce by a score of 11-1.

The Warriors offense has been very consistent in taking shots, playing with aggression and working together as a team, and their game play against Pierce was no different. Once again the Warriors were able to take advantage of their lead and pass the ball around giving eight players the ability to score.

Yarethzy Sanchez, Alondra Molina and Samantha Ramirez lead the warriors offensively with two goals, while Jewelee’ah Garcia, Anahi Gutierrez, Makayla Garland, Alexandria Duran and McKenna Carrion-Clifford each scored one.

Not only was Sanchez one of the leading scorers for the Warriors, she also led her team with the most shots on the goal and three assists. Diana Sanchez, Karina Echeverria, Riley Cramer, Anahi Garcia, Gutierrez, Ava Skinner and Ruby Campos also each made an assist.

Makayla Garland and Mikenzie Hapworth-Eldridge both played in goal for the game against Pierce. Garland blocked both shots taken on her, while Hapworth-Eldridge was able to save two out of the three shots taken during her turn in the goal. Isabella Mehl, Joanna Cuevas, Campos, Gutierrez and Echeverria played an amazing defensive game, only allowing Pierce to take five shots at scoring a goal.

On Thursday, Feb 3, the varsity women won their away conference game against Colusa by a score of 7-0.

Garland and Hapworth-Eldridge have both done an outstanding job in goal throughout the entire season, and the game against Colusa was no different. Colusa took five shots during the game, Garland made three saves and Hapworth-Eldridge made two. The skill and determination that Garland and Hapworth-Eldridge put forth as the last line of defense is what earned the Warrior the eighth shutout of the season.

Sanchez, once again, led the Warriors offensively with six shots, two goals and one assist. Sanchez has proven herself time and time again and continues to be an extremely valuable player to the Warriors team. Carrion-Clifford also scored two goals in the game against Colusa, while Molina, Duran and Ramirez each scored one. Skinner, Ramirez, Mehl and Carrion-Clifford, Gutierrez and Molina all assisted these players. Sanchez, Skinner, Ramirez, Mehl and Carrion-Clifford each had one assist, while Gutierrez and Molina each had two.

Defensively, it was Echeverria, Campos, Alexia Aceves and Mehl who held down the defensive line, effectively cleared the ball and pushed Colusa’s offense back up the field.

The varsity women will play at Shirley Rominger Intermediate School field this Thursday, Feb 10 at 3:15 p.m.

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