Winters Swim Team holds intersquad meet

Carter McMenomey, the youngest on the swim team at 4 years old. swims the mixed 6 and under 25 yard kickboard.

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The Winters swim team held their first swim meet of the summer. They were scheduled to compete against a new opponent this year, Beale Air Force Base. Beale cancelled the day before and Winters held an intersquad meet to help the younger athletes understand the way a swim meet works. The Winters team had some impressive times and a few of the swimmers drastically improved their previous times. In the mixed 6 and under 25 yard kickboard event, Cole Anger had the fastest time at 31.96 seconds. Paige Gerard was at 35.63, Hadley McMenomey at 38.39, Ben Smith at 42.18 and Kailey Jacobsen at 42.4. The youngest of the 23 swimmers in this event was 4-year-old Carter McMenomey. He swam the 25 yards in 1:05.08. A parent spectator was heard asking, “How fast can those little legs carry him?” In the boys 6 and under 25 yard freestyle there were three swimmers. In first place for the event was Leon VanGalio with 29.53, second place was Jase Ramirez with 40.01 and third was Gino Ogando with 1:19.95. The girls 7-8 25 yard freestyle had three swimmers in the event. At 24.07 Lexi Ferguson was 0.40 faster than her previous time. Rayne Neal had a time of 26.28, 4.43 seconds faster than her last time. Graciela Zaragoza came in at 37.07. She was 42.07 seconds faster than her last time. The boys 7-8 25 yard freestyle had four swimmers. Aiden Estepa was the fastest in first place with a time of 20.70, 3.43 faster than his last time. Anton Ogando came in at 26.38, 0.32 seconds faster than his previous time. Nash McMenomey came in at 37.13,  cutting his previous time almost by half. Zack Mullinax finished in 37.78, 7.68 faster than his last time. In the girls 9-10 25 yard freestyle Maci Dodic swan it in 15.63, Ava Estepa in 18.19. Gisella Pech came in third at 23.30. Then next two were very close to each other, Emma Magallon had 24.58 and Holly Selleck swam it in 24.75. Selleck shaved 4.68 off her previous time. The boys 9-10 35 yard freestyle had four swimmers. Chase Gibson swam it in 14.76, JP Mariani in 18.35, Harper Brown in 19.53 and Garrett Potts swam it in 23.21. The girls 11-12 50 yard freestyle had seven swimmers. Bella Laukkanen swam the event in 34.01, coming in first. Kenleigh Kratzer swam it in 35.39, 9.23 faster than her previous time. Isabella Jurado’s time was 35.5, Rachel Rominger swam it in 40.80, while Kylie Baker swam it in 44.16, Hayleigh Gomez’s time was 47.18. Elena Ortiz had a time of 48.03, 4.54 faster than her last recorded time. The boys 11-12 50 yard freestyle had two swimmers. Trevor Grinbregs came in first place with a time of 31.85 and Hawk Selleck came in second with a time of 53.65. The boys 9-10 25 yard backstroke also had two swimmers. They were Chase Gibson in first place at 20.94 and Harper Brown in second with a time of 26.23. Six girls swam in the girls 11-12 50 yard backstroke. Jurado swan it in 47.95 coming in first, Kratzer in  47.99 and Rominger swam it in 48.43. Baker swam it in 58.28, Ortiz in 59.50 and Gomez had a time of 1:02.32 Four swimmers competed in the boys 9-10 50 yard freestyle. Gibson swam it in 34.71, Mariani had a time of 41.51, Garrett Potts swam it in 51.31 and Grady Potts swam it in 52.44. Eden Graham was the only athlete to swim in the girls 7-8 25 yard breaststroke. Graham swam it in 40.93. The information for the older swimmers’ events have not been posted yet, but are being tracked on Meet Mobile, an app for smartphones and other mobile devices. Meet Mobile is available on Google Play and the Apple Appstore.]]>

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