This is a Warriors game: PeeWee Warriors win ISAC Championships

On Saturday, Nov. 10, the Winters Jr. Warriors PeeWees showed up at Vacaville Christian to play their toughest competitors, the Woodland Christian Cardinals.
Photo by Ken Stewart. EJ Cruz, Jake Woods, Macguire Plitt and Jayden Blackburn helped lead the PeeWees team to victory.

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On Saturday, Nov. 10, the Winters Jr. Warriors PeeWees showed up at Vacaville Christian to play their toughest competitors, the Woodland Christian Cardinals.

The game started with a Warriors kick off, and luckily the Warriors defense came prepared to fight. The Cardinals didn’t even have a chance to make a first down.

On their first attempt down the field the Warriors put up a wall. Jayden Blackburn made the first tackle, forcing the Cardinals to change their strategy and attempt to pass their way down the field. Macguire Plitt, Jake Woods and EJ Cruz saw this change up and were able to deflect every attempted pass made by the Cardinals, resulting in a Warrior turnover on the 32 yard line.

The Warriors were having a hard time gaining any ground. A face mask penalty, committed by the Cardinals, gave the Warriors a first down on the 19 yard line.

This was the Warriors chance. Cruz attempted to make his way through the middle into the endzone a few times, but it was Woods who was finally able to break through for a Warrior touchdown. The Cardinals had another chance to put their team on the board, but the Warriors defense wouldn’t let up, ending the first quarter with a 6-0 lead.

In the second quarter the Cardinals and Warriors both playing their hardest to add more points to the board. It was a defensive game for the Warriors. Cameron Bermudez, Aidan Baylor, Anthony Mayes, Ricky Garcia, Woods, Plitt, Cruz and Blackburn led the team in tackles and blocks, preventing the Cardinals from crossing into the endzone. The score was at 6-0 at halftime.

The Junior Warrior Cheerleaders worked their magic with their halftime show. They were able to hype up the crowd, which fueled the boys to come back in stronger than ever. Within minutes of the third quarter, Plitt ran a 75 yard touchdown, with a cutback across the field.

“I saw that there were too many people and not enough blockers, so I just decided to go the other way so that I could make it through” said Plitt.

The Warriors added another point to the board, with Woods running in the extra point conversion, putting the Warriors even further in the lead with a score of 13-0. It was now up to the Warriors defense to maintain the lead. The swarming Warriors defense was able to tackle, block and deflect any attempt made by the Cardinals.

With the intense game nearing its end, the Warriors pulled out all the stops. The Warriors started off the final quarter with Woods throwing a pass to Mayes for a huge Warriors first down. Woods, Cruz and Plitt tried their best to carry the ball into the endzone one more time, but the Cardinal defense wasn’t letting up. It resulted in a turnover on downs with a little over 6 minutes left in the game.

The Warriors defense continued to respond, with Mayes sacking the quarterback deep in the back field! Bermudez, Plitt, Woods, Baylor and Garcia continued to make fantastic defensive plays, giving the Warriors just under 3 minutes to cross into the end zone one more time. Cruz, Blackburn and Woods gained some ground for the Warriors, but it was time for a big play.

Plitt was able to find a gap on the right side of the field and ran the ball 72 yards for another Warriors touchdown, dominating the game with a score of 19-0. The Warriors defense closed out the game strong, holding the Cardinals within yards of the end zone. Anthony Garcia put pressure on the Cardinal quarterback, while Woods and Bermudez brought down any Cardinal with the ball, ending the game with a score of 19-0. The Winters Jr. Warriors Peewees won the 2018 ISAC Championships.


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