WMS track takes top spots despite rough track conditions

2022 Winters Middle School track team included: (front) Aylin Molina, (middle) Jemima Lanfranco, Lena Passantino, Lola Barsotti, Ava Estepa, Yaquelin Gutierrez, Andrea Reyes and Idaly Lopez. (back) Nick Sakoi, Jayden Clifford, Edgar Velarde, Coach Hayleigh Marquez, Coach Mari Chavez, Maci Dodic, Coach Dr. Bill Davis, Henry Girimonte, Violet Tuel, Lilliana McCabe-Borchard, Cameron Del Rio, Jacob Arce, Elizabeth Arce and Vidali Ceja. Not pictured: Elena Herrera, Isabella Banuelos, Gavin Pisani and Andrew Coleman (Courtesy photo)

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By Mari Chavez
Special to the Express

Winters Middle School track athletes tried their best despite the challenging conditions of the track at Ralph Waldo Emerson Jr. High. The Cardinals competed against the Emerson Eagles and Lee Middle School Wildcats at the meet on May 18.

Seventh grade boys
Henry Girimonte took first place in the 800-meter and the mile. Harry Yarnes placed first in the 400-meter and fourth in 70-yard hurdles. Jacob Arce placed third in shot put.

Seventh grade girls
Maci Dodic placed first in 70-yard hurdles and the 400-meter. She placed third in the 100-meter. Lena Passantino placed first in the 800-meter and the mile. Yaquelin Gutierrez placed first in shot put. Elizabeth Arce placed third in shot put.

Jemima Lanfranco placed second in the 800-meter. Lola Barsotti placed second in the 200-meter and fourth in the long jump. Idaly Lopez placed third in the 400-meter and fourth in the 100-meter. Ava Estepa placed third in the 200-meter. Andrea Reyes placed fourth in the 200-meter.

Eighth grade boys
Jayden Clifford placed second in the 70-yard hurdles. Gavin Pisani placed second in the 800-meter. Cameron Del Rio placed third in the shot put. Clifford, Pisani, Edgar Velarde and Girimonte took third in the 4×400 relay.

Eighth grade girls

Violet Tuel took first in the 70-yard hurdles and second in the 100-meter. Lilliana McCabe-Borchard took second in shot put. Elena Herrera placed third in the 70-yard hurdles. Tuel, Herrera, McCabe-Borchard and Andrea Reyes placed second in the 4×100 relay.

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