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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charles R. Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

The passing of Queen Elizabeth II is a reminder that time marches on. She was part of the WWII generation that is quickly disappearing. Most of the people that live in the shadow of the British Empire have never known another Queen. It will be interesting to see if they embrace King Charles III with the same emotions as his mother. When I read that the royal family has been around for over a thousand years, I don’t know how to process how that is even possible. Long live the King!

Winters has only been around since 1875, but we have watched as prominent families come and go. How many Wolfskills or Winters family members still live here? Our city streets are named after founding fathers that left a mark but are no longer around. Where are all of the Grafs and Codys? Read the “Years Ago” section of the Express and you will see names that are familiar but are no longer as active in our community.

With new construction comes street naming opportunities. I like the idea of naming the new streets after old Winters families. I don’t mind making recommendations, but I’m glad that I’m not on the naming committee. Even if they pick great names, they are going to leave somebody out. You can’t please everyone, but you can upset almost everyone.

There are campaign signs popping up all over Winters as we get ready to elect a new city council and a school board member. The biggest difference will be on the council when long time councilmen Wade Cowan, Pierre Neu and Harold Anderson step down. Harold, especially, has put in his time. I’m not sure how long he served the people of Winters, but my hat is off to him and he deserves a big “thank you” from all of us. Wade and Pierre deserve a pat on the back, too.

Trying to fill their shoes will be Michael Olivas, Lisa Baker, Albert Vallecillo, Carol Scianna and Richard Casavecchia. Some of the candidates have been around for a while with a few newer faces on the list. I haven’t seen my voter information packet from the county, but we should all take a minute, or two, and read the candidate statements. The candidate statements and letters in the Express are always worth reading, and I do notice who is displaying yard signs.

There will be two names on the school board ballot. Incumbent Carrie Green will be challenged by past board member Robert Warren. I appreciate anyone that puts their name on the ballot and is willing to serve. From where I sit, comfortably in my office, being on our council or school board is a thankless job. I wonder about the sanity of those that choose to expose themselves to the whims of the public.

I don’t want to use the word “lucky,” but we have been blessed with talented people that have guided us in the past. For sure, we have had some challenges and few leaders that hit a curb or two, but I think Winters turned out better than okay. As generations change I look forward to our future and hope you do, too.

Enjoy the cool weather and have a good week.

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