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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charley Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

It is not my policy to respond to letter writers, but one of my readers doesn’t seem to like my columns when I venture into the political realm. He is welcome to disagree with me, but I took offense when he called me the “R word.” I try not to be a Democrat or Republican in my column and consider myself to be a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. I think most of us fit into that category.

Who doesn’t want to fix the homeless problem or take care of our children and those less fortunate? The hard part, or maybe it is impossible, is to find solutions to our housing and poverty issues facing us today. I also don’t like the government wasting my money on programs that don’t work or are just government giveaways to rich and poor people alike.

I might have stated that it is hard to be a moderate Republican in today’s political climate, but I didn’t mean to imply that I’m a Republican. There are times when I think that it is hard to be a moderate Democrat, or maybe I should just state that is hard to have common sense when the fringes of political parties live with blinders on. Political winds blow the pendulum back and forth between the two parties and rarely stops in the middle.

When you read a newspaper, the news reports are supposed to be factual, like sports scores and city council meetings. Columnists write about what they believe to be true, or a better term, their opinions, thus the name of this column. I’ve written before about my thought process with coming up with a weekly column ideas. There are times when I’m not happy about something and the words just appear on my computer screen, while some weeks I just stare at my fingers hoping that they will just start typing on their own.

Newspapers are like television or radio stations, if you don’t like something on the page, turn the page. Giving me the remote control for the television is always a mistake as I scroll through the 350 channels looking for something that interests me. The Sacramento Bee’s online version has over a hundred pages to flip through. I’ll admit that I spend a long time each morning reading most of those pages, but I skip a lot of the gardening and entertainment sections if nothing catches my eye.

My hat is off to the Express staff that put out last week’s magazine on Winters. I enjoyed all of it. Over the years I wanted to put out a publication like that but never found the energy. It is a lot of work, just in case you were wondering. One advantage of getting out of the way for fresh staff is that you get to see what new ideas come out of their fingers.

Keep reading the Express and have a good week.

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