A Quick Opinion: Changing our clocks has got to stop

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charles R. Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

Four years ago Californians voted to stop messing with our clocks every six months, so why are we still turning our clocks forward and back, year after year? I’m not even sure if I like standard time better than daylight saving time, but can’t the country just choose one and stick with it?

The U.S. Senate unanimously voted to make daylight saving time permanent. These are the same people that can’t agree that the sky is blue. Members of the House of Representatives can’t decide if they want to wake up in the dark or watch the sunrise, so here we are stopping our clocks for an hour, again.

By the time you read this, thankfully, this election cycle will be over. We will have a few new people in office, but most politicians will be reelected. In past elections, I have written about whom I planned to vote for, or, whom I planned to vote against. A lot of newspapers endorse candidates and ballot measures, but not all.

I followed in my father’s footsteps and wrote about politics as the owner/publisher of the Winters Express. I am no longer the owner or publisher of the Express and took the easy way out this year and kept my opinion to myself. It may come as a surprise to some of you, but not everyone agrees with my opinion, nor should they. When you pick one candidate over another, some people get upset. Upsetting people is a choice when it comes to elections or controversial topics like sports and religion.

Even if Taylor let me endorse local candidates, I didn’t feel the need to this year. Not from fear of upsetting anyone, but because they are all concerned citizens wanting to do what is best for Winters. We are lucky that we have quality candidates. They may have different ideas on how to accomplish their goals, but they are all good people.

With national politics, the level of anger has risen with the loss of civility and people’s ability to hear a different point of view without throwing a fit. In the past, I could write about candidates and on election night we would all gather at the Buckhorn and watch the results together. I might even buy a beer or two for the people that didn’t agree with my column, win or lose, and we went on with our lives.

If you discuss national politics there is a chance people start calling each other names, threatening violence or stop talking to each other. There are fringe members on both sides of the political spectrum and we’ve allowed them to divide our country. People are afraid to confront these 10 percenters with the facts and call them out for their lies.

Pick a topic and I’ll show you social media posts that no one in their right mind would believe, yet people repeat this garbage. If you watch television commercials, all of the candidates are terrible people who shouldn’t be elected to any political office. I’m not sure if I’ve seen a commercial where the candidate tells you why you should vote for them and not why you shouldn’t vote for their opponent.

I’m glad the election is over, and maybe, just maybe, we can go back to having a nice discussion about local issues over a beer, or two.

Have a good week.

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