A Quick Opinion: In search of $4 per gallon gasoline

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charley Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

If you leave the State of California you’ll notice a lot of differences from the landscape, people and the price of almost everything. My permanent tenant and I took a long weekend to visit the cutest five year old on the planet. We might be a little bias, but Lukas is cute, and if you doubt it, I have pictures.

It is just starting to green up in Boise with a dusting of snow in the mountains. There should be a lot of snow this time of the year, but they are having the same drought that we are. Their farmland is still gray and fallow. One of the first things you see when you fly back into Sacramento Metro Airport is how green everything is here.

The Chevron by our son’s home list regular at $4.49, and locals complain about the price of fuel. Off-brand gas stations are closer to $4.20 per gallon and I’m sure if you search long enough you can find $4 gasoline. You also notice the cheap price of eating out at nice restaurants. When four and half people can eat for under $100, including a nice tip, at a restaurant with cloth napkins, you know you are far from home. A large craft beer was $5.

Boise use to have a slower life style, but over the years it seems to have picked up the pace, not quite catching up with Northern California, but close. Maybe it is all of the Californian that moved there. Their housing prices have doubled in the past two years. The closer to downtown Boise the more expensive the homes, but go out 25 miles and you can find affordable smaller homes. Then you need to buy a tank a week to get to work.

I read an article about housing in Boise and it mentioned that things might change when everyone has to go back to work in person. You will no longer be able to live anywhere you want, and people may have to leave Boise and return to their original homes, if they can afford them.

Housing in Winters is getting pricey, too. I’ve been avoiding Planning Commission meetings, but did fill out a questioner about Winters housing a few months ago. Reading the Express, I haven’t seen any of my ideas about smaller homes, 800 to 1,000 square feet, another trailer park and city owned houses on the old dump site. I can envision something like Yolo Housing, but within our city limits.

I worked in Los Angeles before I moved home and it took me awhile to slow down. In Los Angeles everyone is always in a hurry and I’m catching myself falling back into old habits. For someone who is supposed to be semi-retired, where does all the time go? Hopefully more time with the family.

Slow down, smell the coffee and have a good week.

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