A Quick Opinion: It did rain on our parade

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charles R. Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

Despite a little rain, the Tractor Parade was another great success for those brave enough to weather the storm. I wasn’t alone as I was walking towards downtown with my umbrella, but I was surprised to see a few parking spots along my route. I guess the out-of-town tourists decided that it wasn’t worth the trouble driving, which was fine with me.

A lot of effort went into planning this year’s parade. The City of Winters took on the challenge of hosting the event, and hiring an outside company to do most of the work, and I would bet that it didn’t break even. Having events that bring Winters people together, like the Tractor Parade, Youth Day, and 3rd of July fireworks is money well spent.

I’m not sure exactly how many millions of lights were on those tractors, but the farmers seem to add more lights every year. I thought last year’s parade was impressive, but every year it gets better and better. Watching the Stumpy Truck go by made me stop, tear up and give them a big hand. If that was the only entry, it was worth it.

Everyone involved, from the volunteers to the tractor drivers, should get a big pat on the back and a thank you from all of us.

Dog update
For those worried about my permanent tenant’s dogs, they are doing just fine. We have all gotten into a daily routine. We are coordinating our nap times along with a feeding schedule. I fried up enough squash and Brussels sprouts to last the rest of the week and as long as Lorenzo’s doesn’t run out of chicken and bananas, I’m good to go.

I’ll admit that I’m a spoiled husband. I have certain jobs to do around the house, but living alone puts you in charge of everything. I have a few more days to play bachelor, but I plan on having the house clean, the laundry folded and put away, and the dogs fat and happy by the time Sherri gets home.

Enjoy the rain, get into the holiday spirit and have a good week.

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