A Quick Opinion: Merry Christmas to all

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charles R. Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

If you venture downtown you will notice that there are a lot of people in the Christmas spirit. The shops seem to be full and the restaurants have people waiting outside. It is also cold outside.

I got a chance to catch the Winters Theatre Company’s 10 minute Play Holiday Festival at the remodeled Grand Prince Odeum Church on Main Street. I spent years in that church before the Presbyterians sold it and built a new church on Russell Street. The sanctuary looks the same, with theater chairs instead of pews, and I half expected Reverend Reimers to be standing at the lectern trying to save our souls.

At intermission, I had the chance to see what had become of the basement and old kitchen. I didn’t recognize the space. Nice can’t describe the change and as I was having a second cookie, I was wondering who had the vision and money, to make this happen? A big hand to the church and Winters Theatre Company for putting a smile on my face.

I’m not a shopper, but I still have a couple of days to find a few Christmas presents to put under the tree. As we become a paperless society, with young people using their phones for wallets, I’m waiting for the time I can just Venmo everyone on my list. A few key punches and my shopping would be done until next year.

How do I know about Venmo? I lost a bet to my granddaughter and she set it up on my phone so I could send her $20. It taught me two things. Don’t bet with young people and don’t unlock your phone just because they ask you to.

Venmo, a payment system that transfers money from your checkbook to someone else’s, is easy to use. When I went to pick up the dogs from the groomer, she held up her phone with a QR code. She told me to hold up my phone to hers so I could pay her. It had a place for a tip, hit the go button and we were done.

Sherri can use her phone as a credit card where she just taps her phone on the card reader and off she goes. I’m not sure I’m ready for that, but I’m sure if I leave my phone unattended at a Christmas party, I’ll have that feature, too.

If you want to enter the rainfall contest, you will still have to do it the old-fashioned way. Write it down and drop it off (or mail it) at the museum. Charley Wallace, 13 Russell Street, Winters, CA 95694

My end-of-the-year advice; enjoy the holidays, the technology, try to stay warm and have a great week.

Merry Christmas

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