A Quick Opinion: Sometimes a little night noise is okay

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charles R. Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

That noise you hear, if you live on our side of town, is the new well being drilled at the cemetery. It isn’t a direct quote from a cemetery board member, but close. “Sometimes a job calls for you to work 24/7 and we all just need to calm down and allow the project to get done.”

The well at the cemetery collapsed over a year ago and the grass has been turning brown until it rains, and then greens up, only to start turning brown again. I like green grass and it doesn’t take that much water to keep it green. I’ve tried to explain that residential water users aren’t the problem with a lack of water in

Close to 50 percent of our surface water drains into the ocean, 40 percent is used by farmers and 10 percent is used by homeowners. We, those of us who water our lawns, can conserve all we want and we might make a small dent in statewide water use.

If you think that if we all stop watering our lawns we can solve our water problems, take a drive down the central valley and watch cotton and alfalfa being grown in the desert. At least the new almond trees are on drip systems.

When I walk by the Community Center and see that the lawn in the mow strip is dried out, I think it reflects poorly on the City of Winters. Should we let the grass dry out in City Park or Rotary Park? How about our sports fields? Can’t our children play on dirt fields? I’ll vote to let golf fairways dry out, that way I might get some roll from my driver. I’ll take green anytime over dirt, or should I say landscaped?

While I’m talking about green, I’ll give a shout-out to the Guerrilla Gardeners who, with others, keep the roundabout and other public areas in Winters growing. The entrance to Winters isn’t very inviting. Decades have come and gone with people coming up with plans and ideas to beautify Grant Avenue.

There are ongoing plans to build hundreds of homes just north of Grant Avenue. Are the planners taking into account the access roads and added traffic to Grant Avenue? Is this the time to improve our image and landscape our way out of ugly?

There will come a time when we build out Grant Avenue and we may only get one shot at having a landscape plan in place. I’ve seen plenty of plans, but I’m not sure there is the will in City Hall to make developers put in the time and money to make it happen. Tree-lined medians are not only attractive, but they slow down traffic.

Just something to think about as the noise from the drilling rig lulls you into a good night’s sleep.

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