A Quick Opinion: Sometimes it is hard to stay positive

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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charley Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

As summer shows up, along with the heat, it is easy to just sit in your easy chair and watch the world go by. 

Then, you hear about a tragic accident where two of our kids die, and you think about your own family and count your blessings. I hope that I never experience losing a child, or grandchild. My grandson Brett is 14, and I know that he doesn’t have that fear gene to keep him from being adventurous. He has scars to prove it, including a new one on his forehead from a motorized scooter accident last week.

Our granddaughter Jenna, 16, just got her drivers license which adds a new worry to our list of things that can go wrong in life. I know that bad things happen to good people, and so far we have been lucky, but it is still a worry.

I don’t know the families of the two teens that died last week, but my heart goes out to them. They don’t need my thoughts and prayers; nothing is going to help them get over their loss. Just saying, “I’m sorry for your loss,” is the best that I can do.

ANOTHING ELECTION IS FINALLY OVER. The turnout for the primary election in California may go down as having the lowest voter total in history. Even as I was filling out my ballot, I was thinking that there wasn’t a controversial topic to even think about. Most people vote down the party line and that is what the final vote looked like. No ballot measures, no local city or school issues, nothing that would make you go out of your way to vote.

I’m sure there are some local candidates who would disagree with me, but in Winters, it was pretty boring. It would be different if we lived in San Francisco, where they voted out District Attorney Chesa Boudin. Petty crime was up, the homeless problem out of control to where people don’t want to go to San Francisco anymore, and people were looking for a change.

Over 55 percent of the people voted to recall him. I heard him on the radio blaming his loss on rich Republicans outspending him on the election. Politicians will never admit that their policies are to blame when they lose, it is always someone else’s fault.

You can’t have a system that won’t arrest lawbreakers, or if arrested, aren’t punished. If criminals get away with petty crimes, pretty soon they are committing major crimes, and still may not be punished.

Winters has had a problem with catalytic converters being stolen for years. These devices that help cars run cleaner cost over $1,500 to replace and contain elements that can be sold as scrap for a hundred dollars or less. A few months ago they caught a couple of people just outside of town with a car load of catalytic converters. They probably got a couple of months in jail and are out, probably driving around looking for their next victims.

I’m not blaming Democrats for being soft on crime, but those that expound progressive policies when treating criminals better watch come November. There needs to be consequences for bad behavior. I’m not saying you need to be draconian with your punishment; just have the punishment fit the crime.

Stay cool and try and have a good week.

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