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A Winters Express opinion column

By Charles R. Wallace
Publisher Emeritus

Congratulations are (yet unofficially) in order for our new council members Al Vallecillo (597 votes), Carol Scianna (569) and Richard Casavecchia (566). Presuming no changes, credit goes to Lisa Baker (540) and Mike Olivas (372) for putting themselves out there for people to judge. There may be a few more votes to be counted, late mail-in ballots, but it looks like we have three new councilmembers. They will join Jesse Loren and Bill Biasi in trying to keep Winters out of trouble.

It was a pretty close election, but we have had ties in the past. For now, Lisa only needed 26 more friends or relatives to tie Richard. I can’t remember if the council drew straws or flipped a coin to decide the winner the last time we had a tie. I remember Landslide Jack Graf became Yolo County Superintendent of Schools with an eight-vote victory.

Winters has a city manager form of government, with Kathleen Salguero Trepa running the show, with guidance from our City Council. Over the years we have been lucky to have had good city councils, with a few exceptions. City managers have been a mixed bag of good to mediocre. This council looks to be in good shape with everyone concerned about the well-being of the citizens of Winters. I hope, when we look back at 2023, they will prove me right.

One big plus with the elections being over is that we won’t have to watch any more political ads. Can you imagine what it must be like to live in Georgia where there will be a runoff next month? An extra election will guarantee big profits for all of the media outlets in Georgia, but pain and suffering for the people.

Newspapers don’t benefit financially like television stations, but it was still a boost for the Express to get a few political ads before this past election. I used to joke that whoever put in the biggest ad got my endorsement, but I don’t think the new management team thinks that is funny. My father and I used to put asterisks by birth announcements if they gave us a cigar. When you asked what the asterisks were for, he would say that it meant the couple had been married for at least nine months. He said it brought in a lot of cigars. You will still see an asterisk, once in a great while, in the birth announcements, carrying on a nice family tradition.

“Remembering Monticello,” a display about the town under 

Lake Berryessa,  is now history. The Winters History Museum will turn to sports for the next several months. By this weekend the new displays will be up and I’ll have a better idea about what, or whom, is being featured. I try to stay positive, but I can see trouble on the horizon. When people walk in they might be expecting to see their name on a plaque or one of their teammate’s pictures on the wall.

We have had some great athletes in Winters, but most of us were just minor players trying to do our best. Some of us were lucky enough to play with, or watch, special athletes. I’m hoping that my favorites will be on display, but if not, I’ll cheer on those who made the cut.

Not everyone gets a trophy.

Have a good week.

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