An under appreciated asset, our fire department

“We have a few more paid staff that live at the station, but without volunteers the department wouldn’t be as successful as it is.”

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20 residential buildings lost in the County Fire. They must have been in Napa, because our guys, and gals, have only lost a few homes in the past 20 years, or so. Says a lot about their dedication considering how many grass fires we have had over the decades. There are a few occupations that should be well compensated. Teachers, policemen, firemen, garbagemen and roofers. Not all are paid the same, but those are all jobs that I’m not equipped to do and I’m willing to pay for those that want to work in those fields. You decide. Who should be paid more, a teacher, policemen . . . or politician? There is another election coming up in November, and I haven’t seen a list of propositions, yet, but there will be plenty on the ballot. I would like to see politician’s pay linked to teachers. First year politicians get the same pay as the average pay of a first year teacher. How long would it take for a new teacher’s salary to double? Stay cool, and have a good week.]]>

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