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I’m hearing a lot of talk about the new roundabout, and not much is complementary or can be printed in a family friendly newspaper. Let me start by stating that I dislike stop lights or stop signs in general. Maybe that is why I roll through so many, especially on my bike, either pedal or the one with a throttle.

If you have had the pleasure of being stopped by a red light in front of the new PG&E facility, think about having a roundabout there instead of the light. I vote for roundabouts.

One complaint that I’m hearing is that trucks and boats won’t be able to drive through the roundabout without hitting the curb. If you can’t drive through a roundabout without hitting the curb, turn in your driver’s license. Roundabouts are made to slow people down, and I’m sure our first roundabout will do just that. I have friends that live on Orchard, behind Lorenzo’s Market, who complained about the speed on Grant Avenue. Our new roundabout should solve their problem and allow them easy access to Walnut Street as a bonus.

I’ve been told that the roundabout will be 18 feet wide. It looks narrower to me, but I’ll wait for it to be completed before I bring out the tape measure. Regular traffic lanes are 12 feet wide so there should be an extra three feet on each side as you make the turn. I use a roundabout to get to my ex-temporary tenant who lives in Ripon. The roundabout is huge and is right in front of Lucas Farms that looks a lot like Mariani Nut Company. Ripon roundabouts have a lane of blacktop and then an inside lane with Pavestone pavers. The middle of the roundabouts have artificial grass and real trees and shrubs. Very attractive and easy to negotiate.

We live in a great community when we can fight over roundabouts while other cities worry because their children are getting shot on a regular basis. They are fighting with their police departments and protest about crime in their neighborhoods and the lack of recognition for their concerns. If you have been to one of our city council meetings, they are more than happy to have you show up and voice your concerns, especially if you have a solution to the problem.

If you have a better way to handle increased traffic on Grant Avenue, speak up, it will only be getting worse until there is a loop road around Winters. As we add houses, and commercial property, traffic will be a hot topic. Finding solutions may take awhile, but we better get used to the roundabouts. It might be years before Road 31 and Railroad become the avenue of choice when leaving or coming into Winters.

If we can navigate all the construction going on in town and the new gas lines going in on Russell Blvd. than we should be able to make it around a few bends in the road.

Have a good week.

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