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I would like to express my appreciation to the members of the Winters community for their many kindnesses to me and my family following the passing of my husband, Howard Hupe.

I have received numerous cards and letters, gifts of food and flowers, and many personal acts of sympathy from our Winters friends. I am grateful for these acts of comfort and understanding.

I especially want to to thank Winters for the community-wide memorial tribute to Howard, which was held on Aug. 6. The food was delicious, the speeches contained fond memories, and the entertainment was witty and amusing. For this incredible community effort, I thank the City of Winters, the Winters Theatre Company, the Winters Chamber of Commerce, the Winters Rotary Club and the Winters Senior Foundation.

When so many people helped to organize an event such as this, it is difficult to single out individuals for their efforts, but I would like to offer my appreciation to Anita Ahuja, Jim Hewlett, Linda Glick, Elliot Landes, John and Emily Donlevy, Larry Justus, Wade Cowan, Debra DeAngelo, Bobbie Greenwood, Debbie Bowan, Scott Taylor and Edie Hagelis for their hard work, which made the memorial so very special to me and my family.  To them and all of you who attended, I extend my heartfelt thanks.

If Howard could have heard the many tributes to him, he would have been truly overwhelmed because he was a modest man and did not take personal credit for his achievements. However, he would have been very proud of a special part of his Winters association, and that is the many enduring friendships he made over the years. If the measure of a man’s life is made by the depth and quality of his friends, my Howard was indeed a rich and successful man.  I am deeply grateful to all of you.



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