Can we hold off on Christmas for a couple of more weeks?

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blankI stopped by a friend’s home this week and he was putting up his Christmas tree. When I made a comment about waiting for Thanksgiving, he said he liked looking at his Christmas tree and that was the end of the conversation.

Christmas commercials have already started on the television and the Hallmark Channel is playing endless Christmas movies. I guess I can get into the spirit and start shopping now for the few Christmas gifts I buy each year, but that would take the fun out of last minute shopping. I’ll admit that if Lorenzo’s is stocking eggnog I might be tempted to buy a quart or two.

Thanksgiving might be the last non-commercial holiday that we have left. Even Armistice Day, or Veteran’s Day, has turned into a big car buying day along with other sales events. I bought my last car on a Veteran’s day, or was it a Memorial Day? It doesn’t take much for merchants to find a reason to offer you a good deal to get you into their stores. I’m not much of a shopper, so it takes a lot to draw me into a sale. I’m more of the if I need it, I’ll buy it kind of guy. I can’t justify spending money just because something was on sale. It is always nice if what I need is on sale, but that isn’t the primary reason to buy something.

CONSTRUCTION, CONSTRUCTION EVERYWHERE. I can remember complaining that Winters wasn’t building enough housing for our graduating seniors and the roads were in need of repair. The roads may still need a little help, but I won’t be complaining about the lack of new homes being built or the last of road work surrounding us.

Now that the construction on the new science building at Winters High School has moved into high gear, the flagmen are out in force. Getting used to an extra five or ten minutes to get across Winters might call for added blood pressure medication, but it should be a temporary problem. When we’ve finished adding the 600 or so homes to the end of Main Street the problem may become a permanent issue, especially early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

If you worry about traffic congestion, think about how much we will come to like roundabouts? I can’t wait until Anderson Avenue and Neimann Street are extended to Main Street. I’m hoping that the traffic on Anderson will be cut in half, with people dropping off their children going one way and not back and forth. I can always dream of leaving my cul-de-sac and not being at the mercy of a kind driver that will let me merge onto Anderson.

There is a rumor that the hotel has turned in their plans so that they can start construction. I’m thinking that it going to start raining soon and the project will be put on hold for the winter. We’ll have to wait and see. The same holds true of the hotel project behind the Chevron. The Chevron is scheduled for a complete teardown and rebuild with a drive through car wash. I’ll believe it when I see the walls come down.

It does look like the Starbucks is making progress and should be open before Christmas. I’ll look forward to an eggnog coffee drink, but I may not make it out of Steady Eddy’s if Mel offers me an extra dash of cinnamon.

Slow down in the cone zone, and have a good week.

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