A beautiful weekend at Full Belly Farm and Tabor Ranch

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For those that have been around for a while, you’ll remember Yosolano Trails. I haven’t heard from them lately, but I hope they are still trying to get people to visit their farming operations. Yosolano Trails was a group of Yolo and Solano County farmers and fruit stands that organized to market their products.

My permanent tenant had read about the Capay Valley Farm & Garden Self-Guided Tour that was scheduled for Sunday, Mother’s Day. After sneaking out for a quick round of golf, we were off for a nice drive in the Capay Valley. We stopped in Esparto to buy our tickets and were told that they didn’t have any left, but we could still pay our $20, ten each, take a picture of the map and roster of participates. The host then took out a small note pad, wrote a big 2 on it with her initials, just in case someone needed proof that we had bought tickets.

We stopped a few times as we headed up the valley. You forget sometimes how pretty our area is before everything turns brown, or as some people say, golden. There were small farmers that opened up their gardens for display and one even had a small trailer, the type you haul behind your car, for rent. I guess the word would be, quaint.

Tabor Ranch is always a must stop when you head up the valley. Their new tasting room and outdoor music venue is just relaxing. We could have spent the whole afternoon at Tabor Ranch visiting with Winters friends that we don’t see all that often. But after a few songs, a nice glass of wine and cold water, we were looking at the map for our next stop.

A nice surprise was the Luna Lavender Farms. If you want to know what is at the end of a long county road, it is a lavender farm. The ranch was set up as a wedding venue and you could tell that someone had spent a lot of time and effort getting the place ready for Sunday’s tour. I’m not sure how hard Luna’s is to find without road signs keeping you headed in the right direction, but just turn left at the Guinda Store and hope your GPS works.

I’ve heard about Full Belly Farm but had never visited their facility. I can’t imagine how many years it took to get the farm to its current condition, but the owners did a great job. Walking through acres of flowers, that looked like they were perfect for harvesting and putting on your table, made the drive worthwhile.

The whole day reminded me that I didn’t know what happened to Yosolano Trails. If it is still alive and well, would someone drop me a note and let me know? It is has gone dormant, maybe someone can bring it back to life. It seems like there are more tourist now than 10 years ago and there are more Sunday drives in my future.

We found ourselves sitting on Main Street Sunday evening, with out of town visitors, waiting for a table to open up. I will never cease to be amazed at how successful our downtown has become, especially on Thursday through Sunday nights.

We can always use a few more tourists, but I do wonder what will be the breaking point when we are too successful and it is no longer an enjoyable evening to come to drive to Winters. I know I quit going to the Almond Festival when it got so crowded it took over an hour to get past Esparto. Farm tours and sitting on Main Street, Winters, are still on my must do list.

Have a good week.


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