A Quick Opinion: 45 years is a long time to be married to me

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Sherri and I are supposed to be in Hawaii celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary, but here we sit. I know my permanent tenant was disappointed, to say the least, but having a quiet evening at home with Chinese takeout is almost the same as sitting on a beach in Hawaii with a Mai Tai. Try saying that into a mirror and not cry. We talked about going out but didn’t find the idea of sitting outside of a restaurant in 110 degree weather something we wanted to experience.

If you are trying to do the math, yes, Sherri was 12 when we got married. From my perspective it seems like it was just the other day that friends set us up on a blind date. I’m sure if you ask Sherri, she will ask if you are sure it has only been 45 years. If we average out our emotions, I think it comes out to 45 years.

I can only write about the Opera House building, but the Palms is saying goodbye and the future of the hall is still unknown; Cloth Carousel moved to Vacaville and Farmer’s Closet is moving in; the Scoop has a new owner; Turkovich has expanded into the patio behind the Palms and expanded their tasting capacity. Here is hoping that other empty storefronts will be occupied soon. I’m not sure if we are reliving the 1980s, but I hope not. It took a long time to get our downtown to where people wanted to be there, both as tenants and customers.

I do believe that people want to be out and about, but the smart ones behave like everyone has the virus. I’ll repeat; wear a mask, don’t shake hands, wash your hands frequently and when a vaccine becomes available, be the first one in line.

It still shocks me that young people, mostly, are still attending large parties and acting like it was 2019. You know how I like contests, and if I didn’t think it was morbid, I’ll start a contest to see what the total fatalities from COVID-19 will be. Maybe 210,501. The virus may never go away completely, like the AIDS virus so we may never know an exact number.

They have treatments for AIDS but no vaccine. There are multi vaccines in clinical trials that are showing promise against COVID-19, and I’m praying that more than one will prove to be safe and effective. If not, the death toll will continue to rise, and some people will still continue to say it is all fake news. I believe in natural selection, but in this case, the dumb can pass it along, hurting their loved ones, without being affected themselves. I’m not sure if the word I was looking for was dumb or stupid. Take your pick.

Every time I get an ache, pain or a cough, I worry about having the virus and infecting my family. I would hope everyone has that same fear, but watching the news a lot of people just don’t care.

Try and be save and have a good week.

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