A Quick Opinion: But, there is noting to do in Winters

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If you ask the younger generation about Winters, you might hear that there is nothing to do. I said that myself when I was in high school, or younger. We all wanted a bowling alley and for the movie theater to re-open. There were more churches than bars in the 1960s. Now, there are more places to drink beer and wine than places to take communion.

We had Dean’s Frostie, an A&W on the freeway and a side door to the Buckhorn where we could get bar sandwiches, but not much else. The Scout Cabin was our gathering place for years, but life was pretty slow for kids growing up in Winters.

I’m not sure what the adults were doing in the 60s, but today there are more events in Winters each month than I can count. I may have to start walking around barefoot if I think too long or count upcoming events on my calendar.

From having great restaurants to the Citizen of the Year dinner, now called a Year in Revue, Winters is a happening town. If you have athletic children, or grandchildren, you know how busy life can be.

I want to congratulate all of those honored by the chamber at this year’s Citizen of the Year dinner, but one of the highlights was having the dinner at Hotel Winters. This was the first event catered by Carboni’s, the hotel restaurant, and for a new staff, everything went pretty well. I’m looking forward to having another food option in Winters, especially an Italian restaurant.

At most events there is a time when I’m just standing around, looking at the people attending and taking in my surroundings. A friend commented that he didn’t know that many people at the Citizen of the Year dinner, but I told him that was okay. New people are a good thing for any organization or community. I noticed the usual suspects from past dinners and sitting with them their children or their employees. The giant fireplace was a nice amenity.

Everyone seemed to be having a good time and the event, with new chamber management, ended around 9 o’clock, not well past 10 as in previous years. Not that I don’t enjoy everyone’s company, but recognition dinners have a way of being a little too long. This one moved right along and the honorees were all good choices.

Not that the old Firehouse or Community Center weren’t good venues, but I can see the chamber using Hotel Winters for many years to come.

I would also like to mention the Winters Theatre Company. They put on a 10 Minute Play Festival last weekend. Having eight short plays made the evening enjoyable. If you didn’t like one, just wait 10 minutes and there was another group trying to entertain you.

This was their first attempt at this format, but I’m hoping that it won’t be the last.

Enjoy life in Winters and have a good week.


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