A Quick Opinion: Don’t be startled when you walk into the museum

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A Winters Express op-ed column

By Charley Wallace

The Winters Museum is always changing, with people dropping off things and the next exhibit starts to take shape. The Monticello Valley will be on display starting in 2022, and stuff is starting to show up, including a small black bear.

I’m not sure of the history of the bear, but I’m sure we will find out before January. As daylight begins to fade, you get strange shadows in the museum. There were a lot of mannequins on display when we featured soldiers from Winters. More than once, I jumped when I saw someone standing in the corner of the room. Even after the mannequins were stored and I would walk into the storage room, they get your attention.

So far, the bear hasn’t made a move to scare anyone, but wait until it is still dark when I get to the office. There is a discussion going on about whether to keep the bear on display or not. I’m voting to move it to the Buckhorn after the Monticello exhibit runs its course. There is a ballot box in the museum for people to cast their votes. No stuffing the ballot box, the bear already took care of that.

Speaking of the ballot box. My prediction is that by the time you read this, Governor Newsom will have survived the recall election, by a lot. A few weeks ago I had to shake my head when I read that ex-president Trump, and other Republicans, were saying that the California election was probably rigged. If you really believe that elections are rigged, I encourage you to stop voting, because in your mind, your vote doesn’t count anyway.

We use paper ballots in California and it is easy to match the ballots counted by machines to those counted by hand. The machines are not connected to the internet and are run by elected county elections officials, both Republican and Democrat.

People that believe in conspiracies must not have played sports. In sports you learn that you don’t always win, unless you are Rocky Marciano, who retired undefeated. You try to learn from your experiences and move on. You learn to be a good sport, both when you win and lose. Those who blame the referees, cheaters or the weather for their loses need to look in the mirror in search of the truth.

I can’t claim the tree reached out and grabbed my golf ball anymore than Trump can claim that elections are rigged. I can claim that the San Francisco 49ers won last year’s Super Bowl, no matter what you think you saw on the television or read in newspapers. The 49ers beat Tampa Bay by 20 points. I can repeat myself a thousand times, but it won’t make it true. If you keep repeating conspiracy theories, it won’t make them true, either.

The Flat Earth Society’s web site is tfes.org.

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