A Quick Opinion: Downtown is starting to look like Spring Break

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Am I the only one that thinks it is interesting that no one is talking about the lack of parking downtown? Main Street was packed last Friday night, but it was only a fraction of what we had last summer. There is talk about making the picnic tables on Main Street permanent, and there aren’t many merchants left to complain about people not being able to park right in front of their businesses.

I enjoy the outdoor festivities, but there will be a time when we’ll be eating inside the Buckhorn, Café and our other restaurants, while the picnic tables will be sitting in the rain. When that will happen is the real question, that no one can answer.

A little self serving, but Kona Ice has opened on Main Street, where the Scoop used to be. I’m not sure of their hours, but I’m sure the Express will let us know, soon. I noticed that they were listed as supporting the Fire Department’s fundraiser last weekend. It is a good sign when a new merchant steps up to volunteer their time (and product) for a good cause.

When the restaurants are allowed to resume inside table service will you go inside? Theaters have reopened but they are finding that people aren’t lining up to go inside. Even sitting at a table last Friday night, we were a little uncomfortable with all of the people milling around Main Street. Most started with their masks on, but as the food arrived and the wine flowed, off came the masks. People didn’t seem to put them back on as they walked back for more food, beverages, or back to their cars. I hope that I’m not the only one who noticed.

Money continues to flow into the Greater Winters Fire Relief Fund, managed by the Rotary Club of Winters. I’ve heard that over $100,000 has been raised, so far. Emergency money has been distributed to some of the fire victims living within our school district, but there are more families that need out help. It is hard for people to ask for help, but they need to understand that people want to help them in their time of need. If you know of a family that needs financial assistance, help them by contacting WintersRotary@gmail.com.

With the number of homes that burned to the ground or were damaged, there will never be enough money. Having some cash in your pocket to get through the first month or two, until your insurance company catches up to your needs, should help. If you want to help, log onto the Rotary Club of Winters Facebook page or drop off a donation in one of the jars around town.

I’ve been distracted lately and forgot to mention the Rainfall Contest in past columns. If you didn’t enter, don’t worry about the deadline, just send me your guess and I’ll make sure you get into the contest. Just send your total rainfall guess for the year, ending June 30, 2021, to Winters Express, 13 Russell Street, Winters, CA 95694. Having them in my office by the end of the month would be nice.

Joe the Weatherman is adding a $100 gift card from the Buckhorn and Taylor is putting up $100 from the Express, $125 if you are a subscriber. I’ll find more prizes as we get closer to next summer and the merchants are in a more giving mood.

Stay safe and have a good week.

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