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I’m not sure what has changed, but I’m out and about more than I should be. Five months ago I would hardly leave my house or my office, but now I find myself going to the Vacaville Outlets and traveling to Oregon for a family vacation. I’m still wearing a mask, washing my hands and using hand sanitizer, but I’m out in the public, which is making me a little uncomfortable.

We hosted the grandkids last weekend and tried to keep them occupied. The oldest, Jenna, spent several hours on Zoom meetings, but the youngest, Brett, was restless. Jenna is going to be a freshman in high school and her classmates, with the guidance of a teacher, are trying to figure out their future. Good luck with that. Brett likes to shop so we went to the Outlet Stores in Vacaville. I’m not much of a shopper so avoiding big stores hasn’t been a problem. Lorenzo’s is a big trip for me, but you need groceries.

I was shocked at the line to get into some of the stores. We waited over 30 minutes to get into the Nike store. I didn’t know if it is back to school sales, or just people wanting to get out and shop. When we asked the clerk, she said, “it is always like this.”

At first I was a little anxious about being out in public with a lot of strangers, but almost everyone had a mask on in line and everyone in the store had on a mask. The more I stood in the line, the more I realized that, in our own way, we were entertaining the kids. They didn’t seem to mind the wait and once inside everyone was happy to be there. A few clothing stores later we were back in Winters, just in time to order take out and return to the safety of our own home.

Don’t hurt yourself. I was walking in front of Steady Eddy’s last week when I heard a bicycle crash. I was with Elliot and we both yelled to see if he was okay. “No,” was the reply. I hurried across the street to find an older gentleman lying on his back with a bicycle on his legs. I was surprised by the weight of the bike when I picked it up. It didn’t weigh anything. The gentleman said he landed on his hip and mentioned something about cancer and bones.

He reached up but I told him to say put. I’ll admit that I was thinking that I shouldn’t touch him because of the virus, but I was also thinking that he should stay on the ground. A fellow bike rider asked him if he wanted someone to call 911 but he said, “Not yet.” He again reached up and I took his hand. He couldn’t sit up so I grabbed him by his shoulder and tried to lift him. He wasn’t going anywhere, so I called 911.

As he was lying there, his main concern was his bicycle. I told him I would take it to my office and bring it to him, in Davis. He mentioned the bike shop, but it was closed. I told him that he wouldn’t need the bike for a while. We traded information and a Winters police officer arrived, followed by the ambulance.

Jim’s wife called that afternoon to check on his bike. She asked if I was “the Charley Wallace,” and that she read my column. That put a smile on my face and I told her I would bring the bike to Davis. After being assured the bike was safe, she told me he broke his femur. The next call I received was from a friend of mine saying he had heard that I had helped a friend of his after he fell off his bike. Small world, so I gave him the bike and saved myself a trip out of town.

I’m not sure I would want to be in a hospital right now, but maybe there are plenty of surgeons looking for work. I’m hoping that Jim has a speedy, and safe, recovery and that he trades in his bike for one that is a little closer to the ground.

Have a good week.

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