A quick opinion: I need to find a full time job so I can relax

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I always thought it was a joke when retired people told me that they look back at their working lives and wonder where they found all the time to do things that they enjoyed. Coaching Little League, catching a ball game, lawn work, etc., were things that you did after you put in your 40+ hours at the job site.

When people ask me how I like retirement I tell them that I’m 90 percent retired. I do putter around my printing company a few hours a week, write this column, read newspapers, magazines, and help find Page 2 photos, but I don’t have to be anywhere at a particular time, if you don’t count my coffee break each morning.

Life is pretty busy for someone trying to act like they are retired. If I try to schedule anything, my permanent tenant reminds me to write it on the calendar at home. When I put in on my phone it automatically shows up on my desktop computer, so why not the calendar? When I look at the calendar it is always pretty full, which is a blessing. A few weeks ago I looked around and had nothing to do, and that is when I started cleaning the office and worrying about too much free time, but that didn’t last long.

There is the advantage of just dropping everything and driving to Boise for a three year old’s birthday party, or, volunteering to be a Marshall at the US Open golf tournament at Pebble Beach. Planning goes into both adventures, but finding the time was harder than it should have been. I’m working on adjusting my thinking and when I think there are too many events in June, I just have to nod my head and remind myself how lucky I am to be able to do the things that I want to do.

Woody Fridae has always talked about volunteering at the US Open. He has been going for years and I told him that I would like to go if it is on the West Coast. Well, at the end of 2017 he told me to sign up for the US Open at Pebble Beach, June 2019. I thought it was a long way off, but I logged on to my computer and  signed up. The next thing I know the USGA, United States Golf Association, sends me a bill for $185 for a hat, couple of shirts and a windbreaker. So much for volunteering.

The advantage to driving to Boise is that you get to see what the rest of the world is up to. You get to drive through high desert towns that have seen better days and cities like Boise that are thriving, experiencing a building boom with affordable housing and low employment. Did I mention the land of $3 gasoline and inexpensive restaurants? People in Boise are starting to complain about the rising cost of housing, but they haven’t lived in California in awhile.

Reading the Idaho Statesman, a McClatchy newspaper, is always a plus when visiting. It still looks like a real newspaper, full of local articles, sports coverage, advertising and special sections. I don’t know why, but I even read the obituaries over a morning cup of coffee while I’m there. The pace seems slower in Idaho, but maybe it is my life is slowing down, or attempting to slow down.

Have a good week.


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