A quick opinion: Is this as good as it gets for downtown Winters?

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How long has it been since you’ve walked around our downtown? I don’t mean walking from your car parked in front of the hardware store and then over to Eagle Drug, but walking around the block. After enjoying the Carnitas Festival on Saturday afternoon, Sherri suggested that we walk around town. She walks every morning and had recently walked through Hotel Winters and wanted me to see the artwork in the lobby. She needed to use the downtown ATM so we walked down Main Street, then through the pocket park to the hotel. Well not quite, we had to walk back down the alley and enter through the front door on Abbey Street. I had walked through the hotel a couple of times during construction, but it is up and running, now. There are several paintings of Winters scenes and other landscapes that could be from Yolo County. I’m still impressed with the hotel patio and water feature.  It was hard to see if the hotel was causing a parking problem because of the Carnitas Festival. I noticed cars parking across the bridge, beyond the Pizza Factory and down Railroad to the Post Office. I’m sure cars were parked on East Main Street, too, but I didn’t look in that direction.  Sherri mentioned how downtown looked when we moved to Winters in 1977. It wasn’t pretty. We both are in awe of how our downtown has become a place to be; a place to walk around and be entertained. With the creekwalk expanding so that you can circle the creek on both sides, it can only become more of destination. What will downtown look like in 40 more years? I would imagine that the old railroad property will be developed along with more access to the creek. Some of the buildings in downtown, especially along Railroad, will be either torn down or remodeled. The four corners will be completely different on Railroad and Grant. I can even see some kind of industrial park in Winters where people would work and not have to drive out of town, but that may be just a dream. I spend a lot of time in Ripon, which may have the best sports complex for a city their size in California. There has been talk of a sports complex in Winters for decades. The old 20 acre dumpsite is usually mentioned and I believe there are even drawings at City Hall. Winters is changing, I think for the better. If you liked the good old days with empty buildings on Main Street and worn out merchants, good for you. I prefer to think about the future. It puts a smile on my face. Have a good week.]]>

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