A quick opinion: It’s time to party, and reminisce a little

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My father, Newt Wallace, bought his wedding license with a $2 bill on a Friday the 13th in 1943. When he bought the Winters Express in 1947 he started to host local merchants for drinks and dinner at the Buckhorn on Friday the 13ths. There is at least one Friday the 13th each year, with some years having three.  There were only a dozen or so merchants that took him up on his offer for years and he would show them how their ads were created, give them a tour of the back shop presses at the Express and thank them for their support. I was talking to the late Vic Mentink, and my father, about Pop’s habit of having dinner at the Buckhorn after the paper came out each week, and his Friday the 13th parties. When I joked about the cost, they both laughed and told me that every year they get together with their bills for advertising and entertainment, have a few drinks, and they always came out even.  Over the years the party got too large to take everyone to the Buckhorn and we started taking people to our homes. The last time I hosted the group there were about 30 people and my house isn’t that big. We started to just have people bring finger food to the office and the rest is history.  You never knew how many people would show up. If you just had a Friday the 13th, fewer people would attend the next one. If you had three in one year, the last one was usually a nice private party. If the weather was nice, and it was an election year, you might end up with over a hundred people packed into out office. It has been years since we finished a whole keg, but who knows what the future holds. Well, there is a Triskaidekaphobia party this September at the Historical Society of Winters, and the Winters Printing Company, 13 Russell Street, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.  Pop only handed out a few invitations over the years, but I’m planning on printing a special invitation for this Friday the 13th. A personal keepsake you might say. But the tradition of hosting a party for Winters Express advertisers, and subscribers, is something that I cherish, even if my roll at the Express is limited to writing this column and helping with Page 2. To keep the 13th parties going, I would like to make them fundraisers for the Historical Society of Winters. Besides this September, there is another one in December, two next year and one in August 2021, so there aren’t that many to worry about. You don’t need an invitation to show up, or a nice bottle of wine for the “host,” but do wear a smile on your face, and a donation to the Historical Society of Winters. The first Olympia is on me. Have a good week.]]>

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