A Quick Opinion: Since when is over 60 considered old?

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As COVID-19 spreads across the world, we are left with few options to try and slow the virus from reaching all of us. I was dismayed to read that old people, those over 60, were at greater risk. When did 60 become the line for calling someone old? There is a great gag book call “Old Age is always 15 years older than I am?” I think someone gave it to me when I turned 40.

With that thought in mind, I plan on continuing not shaking hands. For years I would shake your hand the first time we met, but after that I would explain that my hands hurt, so a fist bump would suffice. As the decades went by I did become a little germaphobic and keep hand sanitizer close by, especially when I travel. Working in a print shop you are constantly washing your hands, with Lava soap, so I had that part of being cautious taken care of.

With stores selling out of hand sanitizer, or material to make homemade sanitizer, I had to dig into my travel bag for another bottle. Luckily I have isopropyl alcohol and glycerin in my office so that I can show my grandchildren how to make their own sanitizer spray.

Someone had to take the risk, so I put on my reporter hat and did a survey of local bars, wineries and the brewery. The wineries and brewery were scheduled to close last Monday with no reopening date posted. I’ll check on the brewery this Thursday to see if they are open and report back next week. The coffee shop and restaurants were still open for business, but I had to watch as Steady Eddy’s employees filled my to go cup. No more self serve, which is fine with me. It was hard to use my elbow to push down on the canister.

Governor Newsom has asked those over 65 to home isolate, but for most people that won’t be easy. Sherri is sequestering herself with the grandkids, while I’m choosing to home/office isolate so I’ll have something to do all day. My office is a pretty nice place to be quarantined, if it comes to that. If I think I have the virus there are plenty of restaurants nearby that will deliver. We have a nice reading library, television, wifi, plenty of toilet paper and projects that I’ve been putting off for years. I guess the same can be said for my home, but I wouldn’t want to spread the disease to family members. My office sharing brother is on his own. There are also more Girl Scout cookies here than at home.

With schools closed, more businesses to follow and people hunkering down at home, I worry about real seniors and people who can’t get to the grocery store or pharmacy. I also worry about the kids that relied on our schools for their best meals of the day, maybe only meals.

If you think you are at risk, take extra precautions. If you need help, ask a friend, neighbor or relative. This is Winters, and we help each other.

I still think we will all be exposed in the coming months, but I’m also hoping that I’m wrong.

Stop stocking up on toilet paper and bottled water, and have a safe week, or two.


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