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The holiday season isn’t made for relaxing and this year isn’t any different. We have a couple of birthdays around Christmas and that just adds to the rush. I think I’m all done with shopping but I’ll admit that I still walk the aisles and decide what to buy as an item catches my eye.

I was a little upset when I was told that our daughter was turning 40. I confronted Laura and wanted to know how she can be turning 40 when I’m only 32? No one seems to have the answer, but life goes on.

We spent Friday night watching the Ripon Christmas parade. Ripon has about 17,000 people so I was expecting a bigger crowd lining their Main Street, like their Almond Blossom Parade. The Christmas parade has more lighted people than anything else. It has fewer entries than our Tractor Parade, but their Main Street is longer. There were a few tractors, but they were just pulling floats that had enough lights to be seen from space. Jeeps were well represented and decorated to the nines. This is also their third year for a holiday parade, so I’ll give the organizers a few more years to get everyone on board. It is hard to beat a tractor parade.

What is the saying? Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you. Well, a dozen years ago my permanent tenant and I were invited to go wine tasting in the Jackson area. To my surprise, when we arrived we weren’t going wine tasting, we were just there to watch the grandchild. There was only one back then. I vowed to pay attention, next time.

Last weekend, I thought we were invited to our daughter’s birthday party. Somewhere along the line I heard that it was going to be a surprise party. Keeping a secret is not a problem for me, because I can’t remember yesterday let alone next week.

We started Saturday by driving from Ripon, home of the California grandchildren, to a niece’s home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is only a two hour drive and after a nice lunch, gift exchange and dessert, we headed back to Ripon,

where the birthday party was going to take place. No one could talk about the party in the car, but it became clear that we were there to watch the grandkids, again. The traffic was a mess and it took an extra hour and a half to make it back to Ripon. To help Laura and Rance get to the party on time I drove them downtown and asked if they needed a ride home. I was told that they could make it home by themselves, which was fine, because they stay up past my bedtime.

We watched Christmas movies with the kids and called it a night. Laura and Rance looked like they enjoyed the evening out with friends and she didn’t look that old to me.

Not a bad way to spend a weekend.

I hope your holidays are filled with family and friends, but be prepared to watch the kids if asked.

Merry Christmas


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