A Quick Opinion: We can survive anything, including this election

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If my math is correct, as you read this, we will have less than 160 hours before we know who the next President of the United States will be. I don’t think we will have to wait a month, like we did waiting for the Florida vote count and intervention by the United States Supreme Court in Gore vs. Bush. We should know by Wednesday morning, or maybe even just after midnight on election night. It won’t matter if the candidates don’t concede; Fox News will call it right after the polls close.

I may have to change my mind about referring to Republicans and Democrats as just different sides of the same coin. Usually when they get to Washington, D.C. they only care about themselves and getting re-elected. They forget about the people who sent them to Washington to represent us. Or, doing what is right and not just voting the way their handlers tell them to.

Watching President Trump and ex-Vice-President Biden debate was like watching two visions for America. There is a difference, this time. I would like to think that I’m like a lot of moderate democrats, or what I like to call socially liberal and fiscally conservative. I like some of the Republican small government ideas, which never happen, even when they are in power, and their idea of being fiscally responsible, which also isn’t happening. I like the social programs of the Democrats but they have become bad parents and have let down those that they are supposed to be helping.

People need a hand up, not a hand out. Look at California, where the Democrats have been in power for decades and we have unlimited wealth. How is the housing problem being taken care of, or the homeless? How many people and business have left the state because of over regulation and high taxes? They aren’t leaving because of jobs in the Bay Area, which will be changing now that people have learned that they can work from anywhere.

Farmers are stuck in California, which has been a great place to live and raise their families. Communities in the Central Valley of California have had tough times with unemployment, environmental problems and farmers expanding into the desert without enough guaranteed water. Again, where is the planning in Sacramento? But most family farmers aren’t rich, just well off.

Most people have voted by now, but just in case you haven’t, consider voting against Proposition 15. It is changing Proposition 13 by letting the government tax businesses, and farmers, like they did before Proposition 13 passed in 1978. If you are old enough to remember what it was like before 1978, you’ll recall that local governments came up with a budget and then figured out how much to charge homeowners and businesses to balance their budgets.

It was like having their own bank. There was never a project or employee union that they didn’t like and raised property taxes to pay for everything. Prop. 13 changed all that. If you had a home on the coast today, without Proposition 13, you would be living in Bakersfield.

I love the commercial supporting Proposition 15 that tells us to close the tax loophole that businesses use not to pay their fair sharer of taxes. That is the same loophole that homeowners use and it is called Proposition 13.

I’ll close with two points. Government agencies never have enough money, and that goes all the way from a small city to the State of California. The second point is about who pays taxes? When they raise your property or sales tax, you pay. When they raise taxes or impose new regulations on businesses, you pay. A good example is the price of gasoline in California. When I travel to see my grandson in Idaho, the price of gas is almost a dollar a gallon cheaper and the roads are in better shape. We may want to blame the oil companies, but they are just passing along their costs to us.

If Proposition 15 passes you will hear a scream from small businesses and farmers that can’t pass along their cost increases. When you look around and see your costs going up for everything from groceries, electricity to gasoline, don’t scratch your head and ask what happened. And don’t blame the businesses or farmers, you voted for this tax increase.

Let me make a point that this new property tax won’t affect me personally because I don’t own property that will be re-assessed if this proposition passes. It will affect every one of us in higher cost, and don’t try to claim that only big business will pay for this.

Not quite the quick opinion that I had planned for, but have a good Halloween.

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