Cell Phone Addiction

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When I was in high school, the music teacher one day said, “Gum-chewing girls and cud-chewing cows are alike, and yet there’s a difference somehow. I think it’s the intelligent look on the face of the cow.” 

It was designed to embarrass the gum-chewers. I can honestly say I wasn’t one of them, but the silly saying did lodge in my memory and here’s why. I am so tired of cell phone addicts so here’s my version of the saying for today’s culture: “Cell phone addicts and cud-chewing cows are alike and yet there’s a difference somehow.  I think it’s the intelligent look on the face of the cow.”

You go to a restaurant for a nice dinner out with someone and glance around you. All you see are heads buried in that idiot-box in their hands. Everyone around you! Even the little kids! 

No one is talking to each other; the cell phone has captured their intellect. One wonders if they know how to communicate verbally, or if there is any intellect left, or whether there ever was much intellect to begin with!  I’m not intending to offend anyone, but if the shoe fits, put it on!  In conversing with some people, I get the impression that good thinking and the ability to communicate verbally is just about a thing of the past!  Seldom can I get them to just visit and talk. Family members seem like strangers. It’s so disappointing. Cell phone addiction has taken over. We seem to be a dumbed-down-culture.

My son came back from a business trip and laughingly related how a young woman had bumped into him at the airport landing flat on her behind. He helped her up and she barely acknowledged that she’d collided with him, but still had the cell phone in her hand furiously pounding away on it.  

“It was bizarre,” he said. “Just another cell phone addict.”

Or how about the driver in the car next to yours driving erratically, breaking the law, cell phone in hand, trying to maneuver the car and his phone while endangering his own and the lives of others. It’s downright scary.

I was trying to talk to a family member but I could tell even while talking to me she held in her other hand the cell phone that seemed to be a fixture permanently attached to her anatomy. Her focus was askew, responding inappropriately, it was very disappointing.

So what’s the answer to this seemingly universal cell phone addiction problem? I have no idea! But I can drive into the country, walk over to the fence where I see cows, and go look into the face of a cow. Such is life in the twenty-first century!


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