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My permanent tenant and I were driving to Woodland, and back, discussing all of the road construction going on. No matter which road we took, there was a road crew working. Not just signs that said construction site, but people actually working.

On one of our motorcycle trips across the country, we must have passed dozens of construction sites. Bob always corrected me when I called them work sites.

“There is no work taking place, just equipment parked on the side of the road,” he would bark.

And he was right. There were very few people working on miles and miles of highway projects from California to Wyoming.

Driving down Kentucky Avenue in Woodland, there is a major project taking place. It was a Saturday, so it was just a construction site, but the work site on Highway 16 was busy, as were the people working on our round-about.

I’ll keep rooting for the round-about, even if it is a little narrower than I thought it would be. Caltrans engineers must have a sense of humor, or they didn’t want to pay for anymore right-away space. I can see tire marks on the curb already, and it isn’t even finished. I can’t wait until the people entering from Walnut Street make the 280 degree turn to head east on Grant Avenue. I don’t think anyone will just go around, and around, and around, but you never know.

I tried maintaining 25 miles per hour through the round-about and it made for a pretty sharp curve. People who think they can hit the round-about at 40 miles per hour are going to be in for a surprise. If they are pulling a boat, we might have to add a boat repair business next to the new Yolo Federal building. We don’t get many tomato trucks going through town, but if they do drive through, there will be plenty of tomatoes sloshing out onto the crosswalk.

An old friend, Ralph, who lives in the Almond Orchard subdivision used to complain about speeding on Grant Avenue. I don’t think he will have to complain for too much longer. As soon as people go through the round-about one time, they will learn to slow down. I think that is one of the great advantages of round-abouts, as they keep traffic moving, without a stop sign, and slow people down, hopefully preventing collisions at an intersection that has had more than its fair share.

There are also a couple of crosswalks next to the new round-about. I don’t know if they are going to have blinking pedestrian lights, but they should. People can then stop in the round-about and think about what it would be like to have another stop light on Grant Avenue. We have five and counting, already. There are people who rate the kind of day they are going to have by how many red lights they hit on the way to work. If you are traveling from one side of town to the other and hit five red lights, I would park my car, stay at home and hope for a better day, tomorrow.

I’m hoping that the round-about is finished by the time you read this column. I can’t wait to make a U-turn on it after I realize that I’ve left something at home, or at the office. I might just take a couple of extra trips around and around, just to watch people’s expressions, or the opportunity to wave back when they start waving at me. I’ll wave with all my fingers, thank you very much.

Have a good week.

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