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Way back in the caveman days life was pretty simple. If a man wanted a woman all he had to do was walk up and grab her by the hair and drag her into his cave and have his way with her. The head caveman (the leader) got to choose any woman he wanted. He always got the best seat by the fire and along with the other leaders made all the tribal decisions like which way to hunt and what to gather.

Some of the time the head caveman was a nice guy and everyone in the tribe liked and respected him. This type of caveman always justifies his decisions and everyone knows he is acting for the benefit of everyone in the tribe. The head caveman doesn’t have to be the smartest or the strongest caveman. He simply is the one chosen by the tribal elders to be the front man. Without the support of the elders he would be murdered in his sleep by the women he took. Thus, in reality there was a small group that made all the decisions.

Eventually one of the leaders would gather support and seize total control over everybody in the cave. Anybody that chose to oppose this new all-powerful leader was whacked on the head and thrown into a hole, never to be seen again. These new leaders were called Tyrants because that is what they were. They were all-powerful with the power to decide who should live and who should die. Even the elders would bow to his will.

Tyrants had their way for many a year until a group of Greeks had their fill of it and invented democracy. Through the years democracy has done less harm and more good than any other form of government. The rights to man are not the rights to office and power but the rights to develop everything that will nourish and test a man’s fitness to office. Rights are not a gift from God. It is a privilege that is good for the group that the individual should have and nothing more.

Despite the great changes in democracy it has devoted itself to the spread of education and the public health. Under it we have made great strides in the struggle for human rights by breaking down the walls of the privileged and the rising up of abilities from every rank and file. The impossibility of equality is outweighed by access to education and opportunity.

The road to dictatorship is open to any man that can provide security to all through military might and charming phrases. Thus they will engulf the democratic world by force. We as individuals will submit to the restraints they lay upon us. Freely, we have given away right after right solely on the words of those we have elected because we think they are so smart and they know what they are doing.

They call themselves educated and smart and they tell us they know what we need to do. They are making decisions for our future and we let them. Time after time they make the wrong decisions and we are made to pay for their mistakes. They say we are bombing for peace thus the animals, the Earth, and even you and I are suffering at an ever increasing rate. Geeze, even I’m smarter than that! What the hell is bombing for peace?

If anything is constant with humanity it is war. We have always been at war and there is no reason to believe that the future will be any different. It supersedes any form of government we may choose to have. Violence and killing will have none of their laws and courts and it doesn’t care for your rights. All wars have one goal and that is to kill you and take everything you cherish. This fact has never been hidden from view but we cannot see it because we are always the ones doing the taking and dropping the bombs. When someone fights to stop us they are evil terrorist so we have to kill them and take their stuff. It looks like nothing at all has changed since before the cavemen; there are just more and bigger tyrants.

I’m not the smartest man on Earth but I don’t think this democracy thingy is working so well any more. We need some changes but I’ll be damned if I know that they are or where to find them. I just don’t know what we can do. I do think the best place to start is within ourselves. We as individuals must be what we want to be and lead by example otherwise we are lost my friend.

Lost I say!


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