Is there a solution to our housing shortage?

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Have your walked through the new homes on the end of Main Street, lately? The new homes seem to be selling well, and Main Street now connects to Moody Slough Road. I’ll admit that they are selling faster than I thought they would, but there are plenty of lots to go before we need to look at other developers. I’m not sure why I’m surprised at the prices of the new homes, or older homes for that matter, but I am. Cheap interest and lack of affordable housing keep the prices up. I thought that if we built new homes, and local people moved into them, it would free up existing homes for younger families just starting out. It doesn’t look like that is happening.  If there is a rental home available in Winters, it doesn’t last long, and rents continue to increase. Older homes that come on the market don’t last long either. Winters isn’t a cheap place to live anymore. I was driving out Moody Slough Road, looking at the new homes rising from the red clay landscape. The City of Winters owns land to the north of Moody Slough Road. That is where our sewer plant is located and a solar field to supply power to run the aerators on the ponds. It is also where the old city dump was located. I think the dump was on 20 acres or so and is where a sports complex is proposed. When I think about affordable housing, either home ownership or rental units, I think smaller homes, trailer parks, modular homes or apartment complexes. I don’t think we need any more low income or senior apartments, but I do like the idea of another trailer park, and/or, small homes built on city land. Can, or should, the city get into the housing business? It already does by securing grants for affordable housing projects in the city. If we already own the land and can control who lives on it, we wouldn’t have to keep building subsidized housing that ends up being sold, becoming unavailable to the next low income homeowner. I know that is a confusing paragraph, but we keep subsidizing homes, only to have the homeowner build up equity, sells and then moves out of town.  There has to be a way to help people buy a small, affordable, subsidized home and have the city maintain control over the selling price and the next qualified buyer. I’m sure a sharp lawyer can come up with a shared equity agreement so we don’t have to keep building more and more low income houses to replace ones we built 20/30 years ago. One more thought. We need an assisted living facility in Winters. As the years go by I’ve been thinking about where I might end up when I need help to take care of myself. I don’t think I want to live in Davis, Vacaville or Woodland. We should stop encouraging subsidized senior housing until it comes with an assisted living facility. At some point a developer will show up with plans to build an assisted living facility in Winters and we should be ready to make that happen. Have a good week.]]>

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