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I am an unbelievably lucky man! I found an all time love at a relatively young age but I was just old enough to recognize what I had stumbled upon. As it turned out, knowing what I was looking at was like waking up in a dark jungle and seeing a helicopter hovering above me to pick me up and take me home. All of a sudden I knew everything would be all right. The girl I needed was standing right in front of me. Sometimes you walk by the good ones ’cause you’re trying too hard, too hard to see them. And sometimes you don’t find the right lines ’cause you’re trying, too hard, too hard to hear them. But you know what it feels like, ’cause you’re like me and you won’t give up. All I had to do is not screw it up. I knew right away that I would have to change my habits and I was going to have to find new ways of doing things or she would slip through my fingers and that would be that. I couldn’t make the same old mistakes and I’d have to shut-up and hear what she had to say. Only then would I know what she wanted from any relationship. Some days you’re too set in your ways and you forget to shut up, shut up and listen. Some days you just have to misplace all your mistakes somewhere that you won’t miss them. So stop lying that you’re fine, cause you’re like me and you can’t give up. I had been married before and so had she. We both had made mistakes and I think that is part of maturing; it is only natural so just disregard the small stuff and don’t dwell on it. Learn from your mistakes because they tell you what not to do. If everything was perfect, then something is terribly wrong. I don’t believe that it’s a failure I don’t believe that it’s a fault ‘Cause if everything were plain sailing Oh, tell me what would there be left to exalt. Now 35 years have passed and I still feel the same way about her as I did the first time I laid eyes upon her. There have been some rough times and I nearly screwed it up but we worked our way through it because we both knew we had an old time love. Sure we could have both found other loves but once you have an all time love, nothing else is good enough. Looking back I’d have to say that it was so easy. Everything just kind of slipped into place and the few times it didn’t it took two of us to fix it. I have an all time love and nothing else is good enough. But an all time love ’cause nothing else is good enough. I want an all time love to find me. I want an all time love ’cause nothing else is good enough. I want an all time love to find me. Jamie Hartman, All Time Love lyrics © Reservoir Media Management Inc      ]]>

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