Partial solar eclipse on Monday


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We’ve been told our whole lives to not look at the sun because it will burn your eyes. Next Monday we will have a good reason to look at the sun as the moon crosses in front of it. Winters will have something just short of 80 percent coverage, so use proper eye protection or just put a hole in a piece of paper and hold it away from another piece of paper and watch the sun project through the hole onto the paper. Kind of like an old style camera. The eclipse will take a couple of hours to go from one side to the other and the moon will be in the middle around 10:15.

The path of the total solar eclipse will cross all of the United States and there will be an estimated 100,000,000 people within driving distance to see it. Cities that don’t know what traffic jams look like will have an up front and personal view. I’m hoping that people all get an early start and everything works out well for all. Salem Oregon and some larger cities that will experience a total eclipse will be a parking lot, so getting there a day earlier might not be a bad idea.

There are even rumors of gas shortages, but I would be more worried about gas gouging. I don’t think people in Winters will have to worry about that, we seem to have some of the cheapest gas in the area.

CONSTRUCTION EVERYWHERE. After so many years without seeing much being built in Winters it is amazing to see all of the construction taking place. If you haven’t taken a drive around town, start with North Main Street, or whatever they are going to call Main Street north of Grant Avenue. The homes going up are impressive and they seem to be selling well.

The new Starbucks next to the Chevron should be rising from the concrete foundation any day now. It always is a surprise how fast framing goes and how long it takes to put the finishing touches on a project. PG&E is getting ready to open their training facility and Winters may never be the same again. The hotel project is using more re-bar than any building that I’ve ever seen constructed. If Winters ever has another earthquake, the hotel is the place to be.

I haven’t been out to the new Green River Tap Room, but I’ve heard that it is spectacular. They have been working on the old Country Club for months now. We should do a little research on all the names that the bar has been. When I was a young man it was the Country Club. It closed for awhile and became a Mexican restaurant, but not for long. It was re-opened by Marty Willard as Green River, and then it was Dee Dee’s for a couple of years before it became Creekside Bar and Grill. It never had a grill, but it was a pretty good drinking bar. Not as good as JJs, but closer than anything we have now.

Winters might be the biggest town in California without a drinking bar, and from what I’ve heard about the Green River Tap Room, it won’t be considered a drinking bar, but a nicer place than I’m accustomed. I’ll make it out there this week sometime and report back. I’ll take $10 with me and see how I make out. Wish me luck.

Watch out for the bug that is going around and have a good week.

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