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Gramps Says
The sun is very friendly in Winters this time of the year. Although the mornings temperatures are cool in the late fall you can feel the warmth of the sun on you face and arms. It’s pleasant to sit and read on the south facing back porch, or just sit and bask. There is a pleasant aroma wafting through the garden from the newly planted Stock.

Following the advice of medical experts and state guidelines to stay home as much as possible is turning out to be a pleasurable experience. Stop and smell the …….Stock, an old adage with a minor adjustment is wise advise. All is well in this little corner of Eden. 

While the COVID pandemic has restricted and closed some doors on how we normally do things, it has also opened a few new doors. For example the Sunday worship meetings that we usually attend have been temporarily discontinued. They are now broadcast through a link to YouTube. This offers some advantages.

My favorite worship service of the year is the Children’s Primary presentation. I was able to watch my six-year-old granddaughter Adylan perform her parts in the program that was broadcast from the Santa Cruz area. The children from various families were filmed in their homes singing, or reciting parts that they had memorized.

When these vignettes were spliced together they carried a cheerful and meaningful message of faith. Because there are not very many children in their congregation, Adylan was assigned four performances. In her last presentation her recitation was filmed while sitting on a swing which hangs from one of many oaks that surround their home in Bonny Doon. There were a few chickens scratching around in the background. What is there not to love about that picture? Here too, all is well.

Taylor Buley, publisher of the Winters Express, presented me with a Winters Express PRESS badge the other day. I guess that officially makes me a journalistic columnist with an obligation for accuracy and sticking to the facts. With that charge in mind I relate the following events and will let you, the reader, determine if the events are coincidental or prophetic. 

During the year 2019 and before there was a COVID pandemic, the General Authorities of the church that I attend planned and prepared materials that would greatly emphasize and encourage gospel study in the home in the year 2020. A scriptural study guide booklet titled ‘Come follow me- For Individuals and Families’ was printed and distributed to every household.

Each lesson within the manual is dated so that congregations worldwide are on the same schedule. The lessons may be supplemented by Zoom meetings within each individual congregation. This spiritual nourishment is a precious gift and gives many people comfort and hope in these times of unrest.  

Sophie Says
For the 12 years of my life I have demonstrated to Gramps the pleasure of soaking up the rays of the early morning sun. He finally caught on. 

All is well.

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